Mo-Sys is thrilled to introduce VP Pro 5.2, our latest release that coincides with the recent release of Unreal Engine 5.2.

During the 5.1 period, our focus was on enhancing VFX workflows and improving documentation. Our team has gained valuable insights from two recent major projects, which we have incorporated into our tools.

We are excited to unveil our new VP Pro Support site This comprehensive platform offers manuals, downloads and instructional videos covering the basics of VP Pro configuration. We will continue to update these through the 5.2 period.

We’re also looking forward to an early 5.3 release available for those wanting to try the Avalanche beta in the coming months. Please contact for more information.

Release notes:

  • VFX mode legacy keyer compositing fixes and improvements
  • New undistortion mathematics for improved reflections and refractions
  • Distortion ST Maps and all side-car metadata stored in EXRs in Movie Render Queue (VFX license)
  • Ability to easily render with / without distortion and to override overscan (VFX license)
  • Improved lens distortion support in Nuke (VFX license)
  • EDL pipeline for FBX tracking data (VFX license)
  • Automated conversion of high-speed StarTracker recordings to FBX (VFX license)
  • XR UX improvements and fixes (XR license)
  • Switchboard integration for XR stage management (BETA) (XR license)

To download VP Pro 5.2, please click here.