Adobe Leads Transition of Video Production to the Cloud

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) is unveiling the world’s first cloud-based collaboration solution for shooting content on virtual sets. Thanks to a new integration between Adobe Camera to Cloud powered by, and Mo-Sys, an award-winning manufacturer of virtual production solutions, video professionals can now see their visual effects scenes come to life in as they’re being shot on set. By partnering with Mo-Sys, Adobe aims to bring instant collaboration and the speed of virtual production to more filmmakers, taking it beyond the big-budget productions afforded by few.

Adobe Leads Transition of Video Production to the Cloud


In addition, Adobe is unveiling new integrations that extend Camera to Cloud to even more cameras, along with new versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects that make it faster and easier for video professionals to collaborate.

“Adobe has been at the forefront of delivering cloud-based video solutions that enable collaboration and dramatically faster creative workflows,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and EVP of Creative Cloud. “With Premiere Pro, and Camera to Cloud, we’re connecting the entire video creation process from camera capture to final delivery, allowing customers to collaborate in new ways, from anywhere.”

Camera to Cloud, which ignited the transition from disk drive to cloud-based workflows, has fundamentally changed the way video is created and has already been used on over 4,200 productions. With Camera to Cloud, traditional production crews, post-production teams and key stakeholders can now get instant access to footage as soon as it is shot, no matter where they are. This will allow editors to start cutting shows and movies while they are still being shot.

“Camera to Cloud has changed the way we think about dailies and editorial. The immediate review capability and seamless integration into Premiere Pro have improved our process and allowed us to work even faster,” said Alex Regalado, head of post at Duplass Brothers Productions. “For the first time, it feels like indie filmmaking is comparable to big-budget productions, and we can’t imagine a production without it.”

Adobe Takes Virtual Production to the Cloud

The complexity of virtual production adds time and expense to the process of producing content. Mo-Sys’ NearTime® cloud rendering in Unreal Engine allows customers to take advantage of all the benefits of on-set visualization and high-quality visual effects shots, without the expensive limitations of achieving real-time playback. Mo-Sys seamlessly combines camera footage with virtual content, generates a high fidelity 4K composite and transfers it into a neatly organized project, resulting in near-instant access to visual effects content for editorial and review from anywhere in the world.

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Mo-Sys to launch bMR at IBC

Mo-Sys and Erizos Studios partner to offer a hybrid solution for broadcast LED virtual studios with MOS on-air graphics.

Mo-Sys bMR

Mo-Sys Engineering will launch a new product called bMR (broadcast mixed reality) at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam in September.

Mo-Sys bMR is a new category of product that combines an LED content server with a MOS controlled on-air graphics system powered by Unreal graphics. The product has been designed for broadcasters who want to transition to an LED based virtual studio, with MOS controlled on-air graphics based on Unreal, and is targeted at sports, news, and current affairs programming.

In developing bMR, Mo-Sys has partnered with on-air graphics specialist Erizos Studios, and combined Erizos’ expertise in broadcast graphics and MOS based news/sports workflows, with Mo-Sys’ expertise in LED virtual studios and precision camera tracking.

Equipped with virtual studio software licenses for green screen, Mo-Sys bMR enables broadcasters to transition from their current green screen virtual studio and incumbent on-air graphics solution, to bMR, but in two stages where either the virtual studio or the on-air graphics are upgraded first.

Mo-Sys bMR’s on-air graphics system offers three ways of displaying templated data-fed graphics; standard 2D keyed graphics, keyed 3D graphics, or 3D ‘in-scene’ Unreal element graphics. The system conforms to MOS protocol and can be controlled by commonly available newsroom computer systems (NRCS) such as Octopus, ENPS, or other popular NRCS. It is based on web browser technology and uses a fully redundant server/client architecture. Importantly, it is an on-premise solution and is not cloud-based.

bMR’s LED content server can drive any size/shape/pixel pitch LED virtual studio (equipped with sufficient render nodes), with the base system able to drive an LED studio with up to 8million pixels. The system offers multi-camera switching capability up to UHD4K resolution, enabling multiple cameras to be used with an LED volume, where switching between cameras is orchestrated with the LED wall updating correctly. Set extensions with simultaneous augmented reality (AR) are also possible, with the delay between the Unreal graphics perspective displayed on the LED wall, and the camera’s actual position, the lowest on the market today.

Mo-Sys will offer bMR customers a service creating custom user interfaces for controlling their LED studio virtual scene, simplifying the operational load. In addition, bMR offers the ability to create custom interfaces for on-air graphics, simplifying connecting data sources to graphic templates, and driving multiple graphic elements in use simultaneously.

Visit Mo-Sys at stand 8.A49 and on the AOTO stand (7.C09) during IBC2022 to meet the team and see bMR in action.

Mo-Sys launches MoRail its high-performance motorized camera rail at IBC 2022  

Mo-Sys Engineering announces the launch of its new high-performance motorized rail, MoRail, which enables cost-effective creative pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and ENG camera movement within newsroom environments.

MoRail Product Intro 1256 x 900px

Primarily designed for use in newsrooms, which may include traditional studios, greenscreen, LED volume-based broadcast applications and corporate presentations, MoRail supports all major PTZ and ENG camera systems weighing up to 15kg, transforming regular static shots into repeatable creative shots with controlled parallax movement. The perspective change achieved dramatically improves on the existing static only movement of PTZ cameras, allowing producers to achieve accurate movements during a show that immerse viewers into the studio, without the need to invest in expensive and complex track-based dolly systems.

“With the introduction of MoRail we are opening the doors to a new level of creativity with PTZ cameras that has not been possible before,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Production teams can now benefit from accurate and repeatable PTZ movement, and beautifully smooth and immersive parallax movement, that helps even small news operations to create more immersive and engaging content.”

Included in the MoRail package is a powerful Mo-Sys controller that allows rail height and camera position to be set in addition to pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris.

For a demonstration of MoRail, visit Mo-Sys at IBC2022 on stand 8.A49. MoRail will also be on view at the AOTO (7.C09) and Canon (11.C45) stands.

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Mo-Sys holds the key to excellence

Mo-Sys is delighted to have been recognised by the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards Committee for the second year in a row – the first company to ever achieve this. We are one of the recipients of the highly coveted 2022 HPA Award for Engineering Excellence, alongside ARRI and AWS.

The HPA’s hotly contested Engineering Excellence Award rewards outstanding technical and creative ingenuity in media, content production, finishing, distribution, and archive. We are honoured to be recognised for our innovation by the panel of highly esteemed judges and stood out amid strong competition, and a record number of submissions, with our LEDKey solution, once more underling Mo-Sys’ status as a true pioneer in virtual production (VP).   

We are honoured that the judges saw fit to once again recognise Mo-Sys following on from the 2021 award given to our NearTime rendering workflow for virtual production by last year’s panel of judges. 

The award will be presented during the HPA’s annual Awards Gala on 17 November. 

Mo-Sys VP Training Captivates Students at Rise Up Summer School

Mo-Sys is proud to have taken part in the first ever Rise Up Academy Summer School. From the Global Academy in Hayes, Middlesex, UK the Rise Up Summer School offered young students aged between 10 to 18 years a unique opportunity to meet industry experts and participate in interactive hands-on workshops.

Mo-Sys Rise-up Summer School

Guaranteeing valuable insight into the career paths available, the sessions were curated to help students explore virtual production and broadcast engineering, discover how to build a TV studio and also included an access-all-areas visit to an outside broadcast truck.

The free to attend Summer School was perfect for students curious to learn how productions can add eye catching graphics or shoot in unreal worlds through the power of Virtual Production, and those considering a career in media. Mo-Sys’ Academy team guided students through the creation of their own virtual production. The unmissable event ensured that everyone left with an understanding of VP and how major events such as the FA Cup Final is broadcast and why so many cameras are needed at an event like Glastonbury.

Supporting the event alongside sponsors BT Sport, ITV, Discovery and Sky, Mo-Sys’ Academy delivered practical Virtual Production workshops which gave students the opportunity to get hands-on experience using bleeding edge VP technology. The sessions explored ‘What is Virtual Production’ and introduced students to camera tracking, Unreal Engine, green screen and real time graphics all within a simulated professional TV set.

Read more about the inaugural event here. >

Mo-Sys Rise-up Summer School

Juliette Thymi, Mo-Sys Academy Manager commented “There is a strong synergy between Rise Up Summer School and Mo-Sys’ commitment to sharing knowledge and providing meaningful training opportunities for the next generation. All of the students who attended our 90-minute sessions were very engaged and wanted to learn more about Virtual Production, which is great to see! It was an amazing idea to host the Summer School and expose young students to the industry and our technologies. Regular secondary education doesn’t do that very well. We have had a great time, and we would love to support future events.”

Mo-Sys Academy provides the only industry recognised hands-on, small group practical virtual production training. Courses are delivered by Mo-Sys’ experienced Virtual Production Technicians, who have worked on projects for the likes of Netflix, ITV and BBC. Training supports students through small group activities designed to transfer knowledge and give practical virtual production experience. Mo-Sys Academy recently announced new course dates at its London HQ and Los Angeles refinery.

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Magicbox to Unveil the World’s First Mobile Virtual Production Studio

Startup Magicbox has recently announced the launch of the first Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™, a semi-trailer designed to make motion picture technology more accessible to any content producer.

The First Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™

Magicbox CEO Brian T. Nowac said, “At Magicbox, our goal is to develop a platform of affordable solutions which democratize technology and make it accessible to any content producer. We are very excited to finally unveil our prototype Superstudio which we believe will revolutionize motion picture and video productions by making it easier to produce more creative content, faster, cheaper, and safer than ever possible before.”

As a strategic partner of the event, Mo-Sys will provide first sight of its new StarTracker Mini and StarTracker Max and will be joined by many other technology partners showcasing prototypes and new products throughout the evening.

This exclusive launch event will take place on Friday, August 19 at Stargate Studios in LA. You can watch the reveal of the Magicbox by joining the live streamed event Friday night at 7:30 pm PST here>

Mo-Sys to demonstrate live broadcast and cinematic VP at IBC2022

Mo-Sys Engineering is to lead the market with stunning demonstrations and critical collaborations at IBC2022. The demonstrations will focus on cutting-edge applications for broadcast and cinematic production.

Mo-Sys U50, Mo-Sys G30 and StarTracker Max

The premium European manufacturer Alfalite and its exceptional LED display Modularpix Pro 1.9mm, and ground-breaking 8-color fos/4 LED lighting solutions from ETC will showcase the state of the art in live Virtual Production, including a multi-camera setup. The cameras will feed into Mo-Sys VP Pro XR software, which builds on the power of the Unreal Engine to create a seamless augmentation of real and virtual elements. The Alfalite LED wall features the patented system ORIM that provides a viewing angle of 175 degrees and greater protection against physical impacts or water ingress during filming. This demonstration will include the unique Cinematic XR focus feature of VP Pro XR, which allows the focus puller to shift seamlessly from real objects to virtual elements in a single operation, enabling an important storytelling feature also in LED volumes.

The IBC 2022 stand will also feature a greenscreen studio, showing how the tools can be used in day-to-day broadcast production, such as for sports and news studios. Cameras will be tracked in position and orientation using StarTracker Max, the latest iteration of the Mo-Sys technology.  

Visitors to the stand will be able to experience the smooth precise motion of the heavy-duty Mo-Sys U50 remote head which will be shown with Fujifilm’s autofocus box lens UA107 AF and the Vinten 750i as a pan bar control.  Also featured will be the gyro-stabilized Mo-Sys G30 remote head, and the innovative new automated camera rail system that Mo-Sys will be launching at the show. The MoRail enables creative parallax shots featuring straight and curved tracks and is ideal for use in combination with PTZ cameras, like the Canon 4k unit in the Mo-Sys demonstration. 

“Virtual Production has become a central part of our industry, whether on premium movie shoots or in day-to-day live television studios,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “As a pioneer and leader in this field, we continue to innovate to give moviemakers and broadcasters powerful functionality to produce quickly, with a minimum of post-production, and with outstanding creativity, as we will show at IBC this year.” 

“We are delighted to be back at IBC after the enforced break,” Geissler added. “You have to physically experience our products, not just to see the stunning results but to realize how easily they are achieved in the field. It is great to be able to showcase our technologies, and to talk to our users once again.”

Join Mo-Sys at IBC2022 on stand 8.A49.

Mo-Sys Announces Significant Collaboration with MR Factory

Mo-Sys Engineering today announces a strategic partnership with MR Factory

MR Factory
MR Factory’s studio facilities in Madrid

The move brings together an unrivalled passion for Virtual Production (VP), innovation and manufacturing, with the craft and technical ability to achieve the world’s best results.

Led by company founder Oscar Orlarte Ruiz, who has mastered VP during a career spanning 30-years, MR Factory promises unlimited real-time creativity from its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. MR Factory is expert in the craft of leveraging outstanding, life-like results from VP, and shares Mo-Sys’ commitment to education and training.

Together with a strong ethos of combining technology and technique with creativity and talent, MR Factory has achieved truly ground-breaking advances in the fidelity of Virtual Production output.

The exclusive collaboration will see MR Factory contributing directly to Mo-Sys’ product development and innovation programs, providing valuable insight to further advance VP technologies. In addition, MR Factory will assist in further developing Mo-Sys Academy’s industry recognized Virtual Production training curriculum.

Michael Geissler, Mo-Sys CEO commented: “It gives me great pleasure to announce Mo-Sys’ collaboration with MR Factory. Oscar has been striving to achieve perfection in Virtual Production fidelity for over 30 years. I have developed VP technologies for 25 years, so there is a strong synergy. Like minds are coming together and combining experience to drive Virtual Production forward. Just like a racing driver, who provides feedback to improve the performance of the car. MR Factory will be a world-champion driver of Mo-Sys technology for the benefit of all Mo-Sys customers.”

Oscar Olarte Ruiz, MR Factory Co-Founder added: “Virtual Production has matured, and people expect totally believable, life-like results. Our collaboration with Mo-Sys combines the world’s best VP technologies with industry recognized hands-on training and the craft to achieve amazing results. We are also excited to be working with such an innovative team and together driving forward the development of Virtual Production solutions to advance our industry.”

MR Factory is set to gain unprecedented access to Mo-Sys technology stack, combining the best tools it needs from the best tool maker. The collaboration will ensure international visibility which is expected to drive demanding VP projects to MR Factory’s production facilities in Madrid. 

Mo-Sys will be exhibiting at IBC2022 on stand 8.A49.

RTS Young Technologist of the Year 2022

Recently, Mo-Sys’ Florian Gallier joined a panel discussion on some of the key technologies and skills for the future of the industry at this year’s RTS Young Technologist of the Year Award.

Ahead of the awards presentation, a keynote speaker and panel discussion was held at the event focusing on the key technologies and skills for the future of the industry including remote production, image robotics and live broadcasts. The panel chaired by Muki Kulhan, Innovation Co-Lead IBC, included Claire Wilkie, Founder and Managing Director, Limitless Broadcast; Florian Gallier, Product Manager, Remote Production & Image Robotics, Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd and Krystel Richards, Broadcast IT Engineer, CNN, Chair of WISE Young Professionals’ Board.

Every year the standard of applications we receive continues to impress us, so much so that this year we took the decision to award two talented individuals with the RTS Young Technologist of the Year Award. Both Jahreal and Jonathan demonstrated to the jury not only the dynamic experience they have garnered so far in their careers, but the drive to move the industry and technology forwards and to be an integral part of the UK production community for years to come. Congratulations to Jahreal and Jonathan, and also to Andrew for receiving the Coffey Award

Terry Marsh, Chair of the RTS Young Technologist of the Year Award Jury

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Virtual graphics for world-class horse racing coverage

Woodbine Entertainment has recently gone on air with RT Software’s Tactic Live for their live world-class horse racing coverage. They are now able to show a range of virtual graphics which are rendered live over their broadcasts.

The new live virtual graphics include furlong distance markers and sponsor’s logos which are added to enhance the action for Woodbine’s large and dedicated audience around the planet.

Andrew Barnhardt is Woodbine’s Director of Technology Operations, and was heavily involved in the project. He said, “we’re always looking for innovative new ways to showcase our sport and we have a history of developing new technologies and introducing to our sport existing technology used elsewhere to enhance our sports productions. We tried out several different broadcast virtual graphics products over the years, but they could not deliver the quality and consistency that we needed. We had been talking to RT Software for a while, and we were impressed with the performance of their solution. They were focused on demonstrating their value to us and ultimately we selected them as a partner, and we’re happy that we did.”

“We have some unique technical challenges when it comes to adding virtual graphics over our live video; a large outdoor field of play, frequent and large variances in light intensity and shadows, four seasons of weather (including snow and fog) and fast-moving subjects which are often the same colour as the surface they are running on. RT Software impressed us with how well their system coped with all of these challenges. Tactic Live delivered what they said it would and we are very pleased with the results.”

“No system exists in isolation, so it was important that RT Software worked well with our existing camera heads and that’s why we brought in the Mo-Sys camera tracking system, which has worked flawlessly. The relationship and integration between all three parties went very smoothly. Setting the system up went well, and we had great support from RT Software whenever we needed it, both hands-on and remotely.”

Since the broadcasts have gone live Andrew says they have had lots of comments, “It’s been great to receive so much immediate, positive feedback from our peers in the industry. They all have similar challenges and so they were keen to know who provided the technology. We were happy to recommend RT Software to them. But perhaps more importantly, it’s the reaction of our audience that matters. Especially for newer fans to the sport the graphics provide an extra piece of data and insight, which fans are used to seeing across other professional sports. They love it!” The project has gone so well for Woodbine that Andrew says they are now considering other possibilities.

Andrew continues, “Next we are working on other ways that we could use this technology in our productions. We’re also considering further expansion across both of our facilities and adding graphics synchronised across multiple cameras.”

“RT Software has other broadcast graphics products that we are interested in. Their focus on both value and quality certainly opens up more options for us. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with RT Software as we continue to introduce innovative solutions to the sport.”

Mike Fredriksen, RT Software, Commercial Director said, “It has been a great privilege to work with such a prestigious company as Woodbine Entertainment. We know our technology has significant advantages compared to some other broadcast graphics vendors, so it is very satisfying to receive Woodbine’s validation of our approach. We look forward to other exciting opportunities to work with Andrew and the Woodbine team.”