Mo-Sys Deploys Revolutionary Lighting Solutions for Virtual Production at London’s Olympia

Mo-Sys Engineering joined forces once again with 3LR Lighting and Bendac to showcase the latest in ICVFX final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show 2023. 

LED Virtual Production demonstration at MPTS 2023

Mo-Sys is synonymous with industry leading precision camera tracking for Virtual Production, and showcased the latest version of its StarTracker technology, StarTracker Max. StarTracker Max delivers real advantages over its predecessor, with a smaller and lighter on-camera unit making it much easier to use with Steadicam and handheld cameras. The new platform also provides even greater accuracy, and the software architecture has been designed to allow for new functionality in the future, including a web interface to be introduced shortly.

Completing the seamless blend between real foreground props and the virtual scene, Mo-Sys’ partner 3LR Lighting provided Electronic Theatre Controls lighting with a world-first x8 color LED chip array, including Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Amber, Red, and Deep Red. This innovative lighting solution created a quality of white light never seen before and eliminated color de-saturation when mixing colors.

ETC’s range of Film and TV fixtures offers metameric control and is the only fixture to have installed color integrity control. Additionally, ETC’s luminaires utilize Droop Compensation algorithms to ensure consistent color and output throughout shoots, overcoming the problem of LED’s becoming less efficient as they heat up, which can result in a loss of output and cause potential color matching issues in post-production.

These LED fixtures offer perfect color homogenization to any LED volume and enhance any traditional Film or TV set with a true full spectrum LED light. With an unparalleled warranty of 10 years, ETC’s lighting solutions offer spectral content unlike any other lighting fixture in the Film and TV and photo market today, covering 94% of REC 2020.

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Mo-Sys and NovaStar to demonstrate stunning virtual production at InfoComm  

Mo-Sys Engineering is once again collaborating with leading LED processor specialist NovaStar to bring remarkable virtual production to InfoComm 2023 (booth 915, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, 14 – 16 June). 

LED virtual production demonstration

The demonstration will combine NovaStar LED processing with StarTracker camera tracking and Mo-Sys’ dedicated LED content server solution VP Pro XR. StarTracker is regarded as the gold standard in precision camera tracking for virtual production and providing the bridge between precision tracking and the virtual scene is Mo-Sys VP Pro XR. 
Designed specifically for broadcast and cinematic content creation, VP Pro XR incorporates Cinematic XR Focus which enables the focus puller to rack focus between real world foreground objects and virtual assets placed deep within the scene. XR Focus can also provide a level of protection against one of the biggest challenges in LED final pixel production: the problem of visible moiré patterning when zoomed in close.  
“We are really excited to be working with NovaStar again, showing how virtual production is ready for primetime,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “The demonstration shows just the sort of scene that would provide real challenges for traditional productions: a forest scene, but here using VP we can control the light, the time of day and the weather without taking the crew off-road. Mo-Sys and NovaStar combine to address the real issues for creative professionals, delivering a powerful, practical and complete solution.” 

Salesforce use Virtual Production to create more video content, for less

As a recession looms and competitors shrink their budgets for marketing and internal communications, forward-looking businesses are gaining an advantage by utilising Virtual Production to reduce costs, while dramatically increasing their capacity to create engaging ads, training videos and corporate presentations, all in-house, and for a fraction of the cost with much smaller teams.

Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking

The marketing team at Salesforce has successfully utilised this lean, recession busting approach and has now fine-tuned the process as an independent studio using Mo-Sys technology. Now capable of producing outstanding content with a production team that has seen its number reduced from 35 to 5, and able to shoot inside a regular central London office space, this new-look production house is shooting, editing and publishing enormous volumes of content quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Using digital filming foregrounds and backgrounds, they create locations on the computer instead of traveling, then VP filming techniques enable them to quickly switch from one location to the next. VP technologies have evolved and gotten so good that shooting in an office space can give good results depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Virtual Production has helped the film industry to film in worlds that do not exist, but this normally increased budgets rather than reducing them. With new technology and especially LED backgrounds, a lot of the filming complexity is gone, which brings VP in reach of non-Hollywood applications.

Green screen filming has been around for 83 years, but never made it into mainstream filming as it is difficult to merge virtual and real worlds in a believable way. While you can replace the green with a virtual background, even around fine hair in close ups, it becomes more challenging when shooting with reflective surfaces like glasses, water, or shiny skin.

What helps here are the new LED walls being used as live backgrounds and with a changing perspective as the camera moves. It is like filming with a real background. A big part of the lighting from the scene is already achieved and it can be filmed live rather than requiring postproduction.

Companies are under huge pressure to create content, and lots of it. Fuelled by changes in our viewing habits and the unprecedented growth of streamers and social media, pressure has been building on companies to adapt their marketing strategy, to embrace new formats and create more to meet this demand, or risk failing to attract and engage customers.

Marketing teams are now able to engage new customers, with more content than ever before, while also de-risking experimentation with this cost-effective and rapid Virtual Production.

Stephen Gallagher, Mo-Sys Marketing Director

Mo-Sys Marketing Director, Stephen Gallagher said:
“In-house marketing teams can create content at any location without leaving the office. So, imagine having the freedom to shoot in different cities, a flagship store, hospital, kitchen, up a mountain or on another planet without the need to book studio time, scout locations or travel. VP is such a powerful tool! For example, a clothing brand could respond in real-time to weather reports, switching their focus to shorts and t-shirts if it is sunny. And during a recession, brands can move rapidly into the void left by competitors scaling back – it’s like having an open goal to shoot at.”

Corporates looking to pair back their marketing budget as the economy contracts not only stand to miss out on the opportunity to expand their reach but also leave a gap for their competitors to exploit. Companies are already moving to seize the moment and have begun developing their own in-house VP studios to utilise this approach.

Virtual Production is no-longer the preserve of Hollywood or regarded as an exotic and costly means of producing content. It has been democratised and forward-thinking organisations are capitalising now.

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Developing next generation of creative talent

The continued growth of creative visualisation and production using Virtual Production depends on new talent coming into the industry. To help maintain that stream of new talent, Mo-Sys created its own Academy which provides small group, hands-on practical training from London and LA. Mo-Sys has also partnered with leading UK systems integrator CJP Broadcast Service Solutions who specialise in the design, system integration and on-going support of complete virtual studios throughout the UK education market.

Mo-Sys and CJP Broadcast at the University of Sunderland

CJP prides itself on providing innovative, professional solutions for a range of clients, including broadcasters, new media companies, business and education. Its staff have had full training via the Mo-Sys Academy and have gained industry-leading and valuable experience during a successful period of high-demand and growth which has seen CJP trusted to complete several major education projects. 

In a short space of time, CJP has built virtual production and augmented reality studios for a number of education institutions, including the University of the Creative Arts, University of Sunderland, Manchester Metropolitan University and many more. 

Each installation uses Mo-Sys StarTracker for precise camera tracking, whether in a green screen studio or an LED volume. Many also use Mo-Sys VP Pro XR software to provide a fully integrated, highly creative package. 

The University of the Creative Arts is a great example. CJP built a studio with a curved LED wall, 8m x 3m, together with a ceiling panel of 4.5m x 2m. They custom-made a curved lighting bar to match, to ensure a perfect blend between real and virtual elements. 

With Mo-Sys StarTracker providing precise location of the Blackmagic cameras, Mo-Sys VP Pro XR software sits natively as a plugin within Unreal Engine to create the virtual elements, across the whole of the high-resolution LED volume, in real time. 

CJP built a studio with a professional level of equipment and specifications, so students learn about the equipment that they will use throughout their careers, whether their ambitions are in broadcast, movies, marketing or gaming. 

NEW Course Dates Announced

We’re excited to announce a new, 2-day condensed course which will cover Green Screen and Camera Tracking.

Building upon the success of our Virtual Production Academy, we have today announced a new, condensed 2-day course which is set to cover Green Screen and Camera Tracking.

Mo-Sys’ Academy specialises in small group learning in a friendly environment. Spaces are therefore limited, and we anticipate exceptional demand for this hands-on training that will include a complete VP overview and real-time compositing.

  • Los Angeles: 26th – 27th June 2023 (2-day course)
  • Limited space available: $998, per person
  • Location: Mo-Sys’ LA Refinery
    11950 S La Cienega Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250, United States

Mo-Sys Sponsors Coverage of European Blind Football League at Royal National College for the Blind

Mo-Sys is proud to sponsor the coverage of European Blind Football League (EBFL), held at the Royal National College for the Blind’s leisure facility, thePoint4, on April 8th, 2023. CJP Broadcast Services, a partner of Mo-Sys, has been selected to provide multi-camera coverage of the tournament, which will be streamed live with commentary via the College’s YouTube channel. 

 European Blind Football League (EBFL)

As a partner of Mo-Sys, CJP Broadcast Services integrates Mo-Sys’ Virtual Production technologies into educational institutes in the UK, allowing students to learn about the latest technologies used in the broadcast and film industry. 

The tournament will feature six games between five European clubs, with the College team representing England. The event will also feature a series of short films introducing viewers to the origins and rules of blind football, as well as interviews with the England coach and players. These films produced by CJP Broadcast will be introduced by David Wooldridge, who will also conduct post-match interviews with players and managers. 

In addition, the event will be an opportunity to trial specialist devices to aid the viewing experience for partially sighted and completely blind individuals, including screens that use touch rather than sight and enhanced viewing glasses. 

The goal of the tournament is to share good practice and fair play, as well as opportunities for player development. The College is home to a dedicated Sports Academy for blind and visually impaired young people in Europe, making this event an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of blind sport and support its ongoing development. 

As a company that values accessibility and inclusivity, Mo-Sys is thrilled to be a part of an event that promotes the benefits and importance of blind sport. By working with CJP Broadcast Services and the Royal National College for the Blind, we hope to support the growth of blind sport and its place in the wider sporting community and look forward to a day of exciting football and sharing the passion of the players with a global audience. 

Magicbox Unveils Gen2 Mobile VP Superstudio™ with Mo-Sys StarTracker at NAB

Last year, Magicbox launched the first Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™, a semi-trailer designed to make motion picture technology more accessible to any content producer. Building on the success of their first-generation studio, Magicbox has recently announced the unveiling of their second-generation truck at the NAB Show (Las Vegas, 15-19 April 2023). 

Magicbox Unveils Gen2 Mobile VP Superstudio™

In addition to its fully enclosed design, the second-generation Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™ by Magicbox includes camera tracking capabilities provided by Mo-Sys’ StarTracker. The initial set-up of StarTracker is fast and can maintain its calibration even as the shape of the truck is transformed. These features make the studio an ideal solution for content creators looking for a flexible and efficient way to produce high-quality productions. 

At the NAB Show, both the first and second-generation trucks will be showcased. The first-generation truck will be in the NAB Inspiration Zone stage in the Central Hall, while the second-generation truck will be used to demonstrate a wide variety of motion picture productions. The Gen 2.0 is large and can accommodate many people inside, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. 

Mo-Sys is revved up to be joining Magicbox for its NAB debut and will be present on booth C8045 to demonstrate StarTracker and discuss your enquires for virtual production solutions. 

Mo-Sys showcases new approach to hybrid virtual production workflows at HPA

Mo-Sys Engineering will demonstrate a new hybrid approach to final pixel (ICVFX) virtual shooting at the HPA Tech Retreat (booth 720, Innovation Zone, Mission Hills Rancho Mirage, 20 – 23 February 2023).

Hybrid Virtual Production Workflow

This innovation gives directors and cinematographers great flexibility and can significantly reduce costs without compromising quality in any way. To give directors the freedom to create a cinematic experience including wide shots and close-ups in final pixel LED virtual production, up until now you needed a very large LED volume which is expensive to implement. Mo-Sys’ solution is to shoot wide shots against a green screen, and the mids and closer shots in an LED volume which can now be much smaller. 

For this approach to work, the image quality has to be precisely matched, and the director needs to be able to switch immediately from one to the other to meet production workflows and timescales. With the green screen and smaller LED volume on the same stage, the lighting can be matched and the performers and technicians can move freely from one to the other. 

Underpinning this is a unified system for content serving and camera tracking. Mo-Sys StarTracker is widely recognized as the leader in precision camera and lens tracking for movie and television production. VP Pro XR is the company’s powerful LED content server solution, built as a plugin which sits natively within the Unreal Engine, and tied closely to StarTracker to ensure perfect synchronization, and even focus pulls between real and virtual objects. 

“The industry is learning how best to use virtual production and is keen to use the benefits within practical production workflows and budgets,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “We have taken the largest exhibition booth at HPA to show how practical it is to use multiple techniques in a single scene, so the actors and crew can work through the shots as they would do on a physical set. This is a real game-changer in the viability of virtual, final pixel production.”

Mo-Sys brings CGI avatars to life for Netflix Dance Monsters

Mo-Sys is a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions. With over 25 years’ experience, Mo-Sys holds an enviable position as production partner to high-profile prime time entertainment shows and live sports broadcasts. The Mo-Sys product range spans turnkey LED virtual studio system integration, remote heads and broadcast robotics, mechanical and optical camera tracking for augmented reality and Virtual Production, and on-set visualization.

Mo-Sys brings CGI avatars to life for Netflix Dance Monsters
Dance Monsters Virtual Production

Mo-Sys is proud to announce its involvement with Netflix latest hit Dance Monsters, a powerful heart-warming competition where amateur dancers are disguised as CGI avatars competing to win $250,000. The creative vision behind the show pushed the boundaries of possible and led technology partners to adopt a collaborative, knowledge sharing approach to overcome complex challenges and develop workflow improvements to achieve ambitious goals. 
The resulting show successfully pioneers the use of performance capture for dancers, targeted onto avatars for a live audience. The ground-breaking combined use of technology meant contestants could see themselves in real-time as their Monsters, empowering them to push past personal inhibitions and perform with confidence, immersing singers into their character and the overall creative concept. 
Mo-Sys deployed VP Pro, its complete solution for virtual production with a full suite of creative tools embedded directly within Unreal Engine for augmented graphics, virtual sets and mixed reality. The team also utilised Mo-Sys’ award-winning StarTracker optical camera tracking to precisely track the position of six moving cameras, and deliver live compositing. The resulting camera and lens data was combined with the Motion Capture data in Mo-Sys VP Pro and Unreal, to render the monsters in AR live on stage. 

James Uren, Mo-Sys Technical Director explains: “It has been a real pleasure to work with Lime Pictures on this technically challenging project. The early collaboration across all technology partners to deliver a world-class production has been key to the success of Dance Monsters.”

James adds “A total of six Mo-Sys VP Stations  – synchronised on-set Virtual Production rendering carts were used. One for each camera chain and one for recording and backup. Mo-Sys recorded the movement of the cameras, lenses and lights, so the Monsters could be re-rendered at an even higher quality in an automated post-production pipeline.” 
Mo-Sys’ VP Stations reveal some impressive production numbers; 856 takes amounting to 20 full days of recordings and 40 million key frames of data. And the result was the ability to have a Live preview of the show with AR ‘monsters’ on a real stage, allowing the production team to film complex camera sequences of dances and interviews, with all data recorded and delivered to post-production to enable an automated re-render pipeline. 
Mo-Sys is delighted to learn that Dance Monsters has been nominated for the 2023 Producers Guild of America Innovation Award which recognises production of noteworthy, impactful new media programs that significantly elevate the audiences viewing experience. We wish our friends and colleagues at Lime Pictures every success at the PGA Awards ceremony. 

Watch now on Netflix.

Mo-Sys Unleashes Storytelling Creativity at new XR LED Studio

Mo-Sys had the pleasure of attending PLAZAMEDIA GmbH’s grand opening of their new Extended Reality (XR) LED studio, briX|woRk on February 10th. Mo-Sys was one of the presenters at the event, showcasing the tools available to help storytellers unleash their creativity.

briX|woRk LED studio Grand Opening

As a leading provider in image robotics, virtual production and remote production, Mo-Sys is uniquely positioned to offer both a Cinematic XR solution (VP Pro XR) and the leading camera tracking solution in the market, StarTracker. With these tools, Mo-Sys can deliver new innovations in on-set real-time production and solve existing LED/XR challenges.

One of the Key features showcased by Mo-Sys at the event was Cinematic XR Focus. This feature of VP Pro XR allows filmmakers to pull focus between real and virtual elements in an on-set real-time shoot, making it a major creative storytelling solution when using an on-set real-time LED volume.

We are proud to have been a part of this incredible event. With the new XR LED studio, there are now even more possibilities for innovative and sustainable productions for film and production companies, broadcasters, advertising companies, and event and creative agencies. 

To see our presentation at the event, check out the video below.