Unreal Engine 5.1

We are very excited to allow our customers to take immediate advantage of all Epic’s Virtual Production updates for Unreal 5.1. Unreal 5 is now Virtual Production ready!

Release notes:

  • Lens Tweaker improvements (Beta)
  • Support for anamorphic lenses
  • Fix authentication with non-standard characters
  • Update NearTime render panel (NearTime licence)
  • Pre-Keyer performance improvements (VFX license)
  • Garbage matte improvements in Pre-Keyer mode (VFX licence)
  • Camera monitor panel for multiple real-world camera data capture and record triggering (VFX license)
  • XR UE5 Pre-Keyer support (XR license)
  • Teradek Cinematic XR Focus (XR license)
  • Erizos integration with AR and 2D overlay elements (bMR license)
  • Support for running in-game (Live license, Beta)

Customers wishing to access these features should complete the following steps:

  1. Update Unreal to 5.1
  2. Download the update from Mo-Sys here

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR Powers Major eSports Production

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR LED content server solution powers major eSports production in Singapore.

Mo-Sys Engineering (www.mo-sys.com), a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions, has successfully supplied its dedicated LED content server solution, VP Pro XR, via regional partner Cgangs for a major eSports championship production in Asia.

The project is believed to be the first ever complete LED (with Ceiling) Virtual Production of its kind in Singapore and the wider Asia region. The LED volume was powered by Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR, which in combination with Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking, delivered breath-taking Live AR. The entire system was integrated with real-time DMX controlled lighting and an LED ceiling to increase the production value and to assist the Cinematographer by providing real-time ‘scene spill’ on the talent.

Established as a media technologies system integrator in 2016 amidst the rise in popularity of VR, Mo-Sys partner Cgangs found success and grew its offering to include training, real-time live 3D virtual production, technical support and project implementation.

Now recognised as a leader in virtual production, Cgangs was selected by American games developer Valve to handle the production of the Opening sequence and Top 4 team player introduction videos for The International Dota 2 Championships, a major eSports competition held in Singapore during October 2022, with a reported prize pool of $18.9 million.

Cgangs were introduced to the Dota 2 project in July 2022 and shortly after welcomed the Valve software team to their studios in Singapore. After shooting a sample video based on an animatic demo provided using green screen virtual production, Valve were able to decide on the same day to work with Cgangs.

Alvin Lim, Cgangs Strategic Partnership and Business Development Directot

“The project made extensive use of Live AR, and it all needed to be shot in a single day without post-production. We only had about 1.5 hours per team to shoot and capture the opening and intro videos, which meant we were shooting real-time ICVFX and needed rock-solid camera tracking and a powerful LED content server solution that wouldn’t let us down”

Alvin Lim, Cgangs’ Strategic Partnership and Business Development Director

Cgangs utilised Mo-Sys’ award winning StarTracker optical camera tracking and VP Pro XR, its cost-effective LED content server solution designed specifically for film and broadcast production. Mo-Sys also introduced Garden Studios who were able to provide expert on-site technical support.

“We had limited time on-set so needed to work quickly. We were able to do this after ample pre-production planning and selecting products that would enable rapid ICVFX production. StarTracker and VP Pro XR were perfect for this project, both in terms of set-up, workflow and reliable performance. It was also a great pleasure to work with the DOP from Valve, who was using LED Virtual Production for the first time. He had a very clear vision and worked collaboratively with our technical team to achieve it, and this was essential to making the project a successful one, with very happy clients.”

Alvin Lim, Cgangs
Cgangs utilise Mo-Sys StarTracker and VP Pro XR at DOTA 2, 2022
Stephen Gallagher, Mo-Sys Marketing Director

“It has been a great pleasure to support Cgangs, and it’s fantastic to see Virtual Production together with StarTracker and VP Pro XR utilised for such a high-profile eSports project. VP Pro XR is enabling more and more projects to achieve exceptionally high production value through its cost-effective and dedicated feature set for film and broadcast.”

Stephen Gallagher, Mo-Sys Marketing Director

Following the DOTA 2 project, Cgangs have announced plans to position themselves as a technology enabler to support and train media students and industry professionals. The company plans to setup a permanent LED VP Studio to enable local production companies to have the opportunity to learn and apply VP for their own projects, as well to become the leading VP technology production company in the Asia region.

A New Hybrid Virtual Production Workflow

A New Hybrid Virtual Production Workflow for efficiency, reduced cost, and maximum creative freedom

Mo-Sys founder Michael Geissler on the cost-effective efficiencies in Hybrid Virtual Production for small to medium budget projects, and corporate content producers under increasing pressure to create more-for-less with a recession looming.

Hybrid Virtual Production

Here’s the thing – many people mistakenly use virtual production as a synonym for LED wall filming. In reality, virtual production can cover everything from LED walls to green screen, blue screen and much more.

So, when talking about virtual production, there is a misconception that its rise in popularity will mean that LED walls are going to take over from green screen production. They believe that huge LED volumes will be required to film what they need, when in fact, if you mix smaller LED walls with green screen, then you don’t need a huge volume to shoot big projects at all. With Mo-Sys’ Hybrid Virtual Production workflow, it can all be achieved within a relatively small space, without splashing out on big expensive volumes.

Mo-Sys Hybrid Virtual Production Workflow
Mo-Sys Hybrid Virtual Production Workflow

Virtual production for small and mid-range budgets has been somewhat neglected in all the LED Virtual Production hype, yet these are the types of projects that would benefit the most from what it has to offer by increasing production value within the same budget. Virtual Production thrives on constraints. The moment you’re limited by budget or location, VP kicks in – and that’s where it gets highly efficient. It is a powerful tool which can enable production in seemingly far away and exotic locations, which the budget wouldn’t have stretched to.

For example, when filming with LED volumes, you need to bring set builders in to create a seamless join between the real-world studio and virtual scene displayed on the LED wall, and you can’t have natural shadows. That means your digital advantage of switching from one scene to the next for super fast production is gone. You have to build the floor for every different scene, which complicates things and is the opposite of what people expect with LED wall filming, which has a reputation for being more efficient.

This is why a lot of LED wall demos are actually done with sand as you can pour it out and move it quickly for easy set building. But we can’t just keep filming on beaches and deserts or far away planets… When people look back on work filmed in virtual production, I’ll bet they’ll know it was shot between 2021-2022 just by noting the sand used for the floor!

With green screen, on the other hand, you can film the floor as it’ll be replaced later with the scene you want, along with the shadows cast, making it look more realistic.

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both styles of filming, it would make sense to use each for its benefits. That’s why we developed a Hybrid Virtual Production workflow which combines the two – filming on green screen for wide shots where you’ll need to film the floor, and then switching to LED volumes in the same studio for mid and close-up shots.

“Be one of the first to master this technology and help lead the way for a future of magical filmmaking”

Michael Geissler, Mo-Sys

LED walls work really well for this, particularly if your actor is wearing glasses or something reflective, which in green screen causes a green colour spill, (this can be removed by the more experienced Director of Photography). Green spill is much more forgiving in wide shots where you’re further away from the actors. In LED, it just reflects the scene spill around them which is more realistic.

So your actors are shooting on green screen, and once they move over to the LED wall in the same studio, someone can prepare the green screen and its foreground props for the next scene. It all just creates further efficiency on set and throughout production.

All these misconceptions and misunderstandings mean that there is some further education needed within this space. And that’s not surprising seeing as this is a fairly new way of filming. Not only that, it’s a completely new workflow, which through preparation and pre-production, drastically reduces post production and filming time.

To recalibrate how people work, there is some training required around the foundation of virtual production – from LED walls to green screen, lens distortion and colouration to synchronisation. That’s why we built the Mo-Sys Academy which exists to transfer knowledge and build confidence in small groups. After two weeks of practical hands-on learning, you can reach technician level.

There is currently a knowledge gap in the industry between the experts in virtual production and the majority of filmmakers and producers who will be using it to create bigger and better work. But there is a hunger for it, and people are starting to get curious.

Be one of the first to master this technology and help lead the way for a future of magical filmmaking. Create more, do it fast and for less with Mo-Sys’ Hybrid Virtual Production workflow. Learn more, contact Mo-Sys.

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Mo-Sys strengthens its Academy team to stay ahead of growing demand

As the demand for Virtual Production (VP) technology continues to increase, there is a requirement for more experience and training for production talent to bridge the growing skills gap.

Mo-Sys Academy

The Mo-Sys Academy, now in its second year, was conceived to provide a unique ‘hands-on’ training experience bringing students and trainers up to speed with the latest technologies in this ever-evolving industry. To meet the demand, Mo-Sys is investing in the growth of the Academy team to offer a comprehensive range of Virtual Production training courses going forwards. 

Gabriela is a filmmaker who has worked on a wide range of video projects and film production involving some of the latest VP technology. With a bachelor’s degree in Film Practice from UAL and an MSc degree in Film Production from the University of Greenwich, Gabriela has just completed her first feature documentary project last September. She has gained valuable experience working as a Teaching Support Assistant for Greenwich University for two years.

Gabriela joins the team as an Academy Tutor, providing group learning for broadcast and film industry professionals, university lecturers and students wishing to upskill and gain valuable VP experience. 

I’m looking forward to making a positive impact to the Academy and working with the team in supporting our students. I’m very excited to learn more about Virtual Production and Mo-Sys’ ground-breaking technologies. I also look forward to utilizing the academic teaching skills that I’ve developed at Greenwich University when teaching film students how to develop and shoot their own projects.

Gabriela Predan, Mo-Sys Academy Tutor.

Mo-Sys Academy continues to run its weekly and daily courses throughout the rest of the year. Click here for more information>

Mo-Sys receives Blackmagic Design Innovation Award

Mo-Sys Engineering has been recognized and receives the first Blackmagic Design Innovation Award during IBC2022 for its significant and continued contribution to advancing Virtual Production technologies.

Mo-Sys receives Blackmagic Design Innovation Award

Innovation lies at very heart of Mo-Sys Engineering. From its HQ in Greenwich, London the company has pioneered Virtual Production technology for decades. Mo-Sys created the first easy to use, marker-based camera tracking solution StarTracker, which is recognized as the industry’s leading camera tracking product for its accuracy, reliability and robustness. StarTracker is used extensively by leading broadcasters, major film studios, high-end drama and corporate clients around the world.

The company has also developed an unrivalled level of on-set experience through its direct support of content producers like Netflix, BBC and ITV, where Mo-Sys’ Virtual Production technology has brought prestigious projects like Strictly Come Dancing, Limitless and Macy’s Day Parade to life. This on-set knowledge and experience is utilized to drive continuous innovation and product development.

Mo-Sys has also made a significant commitment to education. It was the first company to establish a Virtual Production training Academy, and offers a range of unique hands-on courses based around practical, small group learning geared to build students confidence and provide valuable experience. Mo-Sys’ Academy offers courses for all levels, providing students with an introduction to Virtual Production, as well as upskilling industry professionals and collaborating directly with universities to transfer knowledge, teach-the-teacher and shape curriculums.

Coinciding with the Blackmagic Design Innovation Award, Mo-Sys unveiled a raft of new products at IBC. Customers were treated to their first look at StarTracker Max, the next generation of professional inside-out camera tracking. The programmable and motorized rail system for PTZ and ENG cameras, MoRail was demonstrated for news and sports broadcast and bMR, Mo-Sys’ new solution which combines an LED content server with MOS/NRCS data driven on-air graphics was also announced.

The Blackmagic Design Innovation Award is a brand new annual award recognizing an organisation that is pushing the boundaries of science and technology using Blackmagic Design products. This special award has been created to identify and recognize unique and creative implementations of Blackmagic Design technology in both product and solution design for solving technical and financial barriers to customer challenges.

“Mo-Sys is one of the great rising stars of the Virtual Production industry, and their approach redefines the boundaries of cost-effective virtual creativity,” said Tim Siddons, Director of Sales, Blackmagic Design EMEA. “Their approach to designing and delivering the StarTracker virtual studio system, based around URSA Mini, ATEM and HyperdDeck, provides a complete solution that removes the complexity of virtual studio configuration and calibration, enabling customers to focus on the creative aspects of delivering their visions.”

“There is a strong alignment between Blackmagic Design and Mo-Sys. Both companies are pushing boundaries and making technology more accessible to a wider market. Mo-Sys developed the first optical tracking system 25 years ago and has continued to move Virtual Production forward VP through innovation”, said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys Engineering. “It is great honour that our contribution has been recognized with this award and I’d like to thank the Tim and the team at Blackmagic Design.”

A Successful Summer VP Meetup 

Mo-Sys rounded off August with a Virtual Production Summer Meetup, offering people from the world of Virtual Production an opportunity to get together. We were delighted to welcome over 100 people to the event, hosted by Mo-Sys Academy, at Mo-Sys’ London HQ.

Mo-Sys BBQ
Mo-Sys Virtual Production Summer BBQ

Visitors were treated to a tour of the Academy with an overview of the training courses on offer, and were able to take part in several interactive technology demonstrations, share ideas and network with like-minded VP technicians and industry experts.

ETC lighting delivered an exciting presentation with a demo which showed the difference between standard LED lights and the ground-breaking 8-color fos/4 LED lighting technology. Attendees were able to see the remarkable contrast for themselves during the presentation which illustrated how this new technology can be deployed to effectively control and enhance colours in the set and talent, making them come alive.

Introduction to LED Virtual Production

Mo-Sys’ Florian Gallier was on hand to offer and an introduction to LED VP and we had an e-Crane with G30 on it to view, plus there was a sneak preview of the new MoRail 3m curved motorized camera rail news broadcast – if you missed our Summer Meetup, join our mailing list to learn about future events and if you’re travelling to IBC, please come and see us in Hall 8, Stand A49.

Mo-Sys launches MoRail its high-performance motorized camera rail at IBC 2022  

Mo-Sys Engineering announces the launch of its new high-performance motorized rail, MoRail, which enables cost-effective creative pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and ENG camera movement within newsroom environments.

MoRail Product Intro 1256 x 900px

Primarily designed for use in newsrooms, which may include traditional studios, greenscreen, LED volume-based broadcast applications and corporate presentations, MoRail supports all major PTZ and ENG camera systems weighing up to 15kg, transforming regular static shots into repeatable creative shots with controlled parallax movement. The perspective change achieved dramatically improves on the existing static only movement of PTZ cameras, allowing producers to achieve accurate movements during a show that immerse viewers into the studio, without the need to invest in expensive and complex track-based dolly systems.

“With the introduction of MoRail we are opening the doors to a new level of creativity with PTZ cameras that has not been possible before,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Production teams can now benefit from accurate and repeatable PTZ movement, and beautifully smooth and immersive parallax movement, that helps even small news operations to create more immersive and engaging content.”

Included in the MoRail package is a powerful Mo-Sys controller that allows rail height and camera position to be set in addition to pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris.

For a demonstration of MoRail, visit Mo-Sys at IBC2022 on stand 8.A49. MoRail will also be on view at the AOTO (7.C09) and Canon (11.C45) stands.

See more information about MoRail here >

Mo-Sys VP Training Captivates Students at Rise Up Summer School

Mo-Sys is proud to have taken part in the first ever Rise Up Academy Summer School. From the Global Academy in Hayes, Middlesex, UK the Rise Up Summer School offered young students aged between 10 to 18 years a unique opportunity to meet industry experts and participate in interactive hands-on workshops.

Mo-Sys Rise-up Summer School

Guaranteeing valuable insight into the career paths available, the sessions were curated to help students explore virtual production and broadcast engineering, discover how to build a TV studio and also included an access-all-areas visit to an outside broadcast truck.

The free to attend Summer School was perfect for students curious to learn how productions can add eye catching graphics or shoot in unreal worlds through the power of Virtual Production, and those considering a career in media. Mo-Sys’ Academy team guided students through the creation of their own virtual production. The unmissable event ensured that everyone left with an understanding of VP and how major events such as the FA Cup Final is broadcast and why so many cameras are needed at an event like Glastonbury.

Supporting the event alongside sponsors BT Sport, ITV, Discovery and Sky, Mo-Sys’ Academy delivered practical Virtual Production workshops which gave students the opportunity to get hands-on experience using bleeding edge VP technology. The sessions explored ‘What is Virtual Production’ and introduced students to camera tracking, Unreal Engine, green screen and real time graphics all within a simulated professional TV set.

Read more about the inaugural event here. >

Mo-Sys Rise-up Summer School

Juliette Thymi, Mo-Sys Academy Manager commented “There is a strong synergy between Rise Up Summer School and Mo-Sys’ commitment to sharing knowledge and providing meaningful training opportunities for the next generation. All of the students who attended our 90-minute sessions were very engaged and wanted to learn more about Virtual Production, which is great to see! It was an amazing idea to host the Summer School and expose young students to the industry and our technologies. Regular secondary education doesn’t do that very well. We have had a great time, and we would love to support future events.”

Mo-Sys Academy provides the only industry recognised hands-on, small group practical virtual production training. Courses are delivered by Mo-Sys’ experienced Virtual Production Technicians, who have worked on projects for the likes of Netflix, ITV and BBC. Training supports students through small group activities designed to transfer knowledge and give practical virtual production experience. Mo-Sys Academy recently announced new course dates at its London HQ and Los Angeles refinery.

Click here for more info

Mo-Sys demonstrates Cinematic XR Focus with PRG

Recently, Mo-Sys joined forces with PRG for an exclusive evening mixer at their newly renovated Virtual Production Studio in Los Angeles.

As a partner of the event, Mo-Sys brought some of its Virtual Production toolset for a VP demonstration geared toward a DP audience. Executive Vice President – Sales & Operations – Americas, Tom Shelburne demonstrated Mo-Sys’ Cinematic XR Focus and NearTime re-rendering in the LED volume along with the Mo-Sys U50 heavy-duty remote head.

  • Cinematic XR Focus allows for the seamless focus pull from real foreground objects to virtual assets placed deep within the scene – that would appear to be positioned behind the LED wall. This is achieved using the same wireless lens control system already in use today.
  • NearTime is Mo-Sys’ patent-pending and HPA Engineering award-winning solution for solving real-time VFX virtual production image quality.

PRG selected partners for the event that integrated well with the existing technology in their studio. Mo-Sys’ Virtual Production solutions are designed specifically for final pixel XR shooting and pair perfectly with PRG’s Enhanced Environments.

See the demonstration below: