Innovation leads to revolution in Virtual Production

At an event to celebrate The Royal Television Society’s Awards on 23 March, Mo-Sys’ Product Manager – Remote Production & Image Robotics, Florian Gallier presented this year’s Creative Technology Lecture, titled ‘The Future of Broadcast is Virtual’. The lecture focused on virtual production, one of the fast-developing areas in the production sector as quantity increases, costs need to be controlled and sustainability prioritised.

The Future of Broadcast is Virtual at RTS Awards 2022

Gallier’s presentation highlighted how Virtual Production (VP), while not a new concept, is experiencing a surge thanks to recent innovations and advancements in technology that mean it can be achieved in real time using computer hardware aimed at the consumer market. This revolutionary shift means VP is often more cost-effective than building conventional sets and creates truly immersive content that captivates and holds viewers’ attention.

Recent examples of sets created using augmented virtually include Strictly Come Dancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, when audiences were absent; and the BBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics, which were based in Salford due to travel restrictions.

There is an environmental benefit to VP too, according to Gallier. With less travel and a reduced need to ship large quantities of equipment to various locations, the carbon footprint of a production comes down drastically.

The lecture, livestreamed to RTS members, was followed by a discussion with Gideon Ferber, Product Director, Broadcast at disguise which can be watched in full here:

The Future of Broadcast is Virtual at RTS Awards 2022 Q&A

Mo-Sys Virtual Production Learning Zone at KitPlus Show

Join us at MediaCity, Salford for the KitPlus Show on Thursday 23 June where Mo-Sys Academy will be setting up a Virtual Production Learning Zone. A series of short Virtual Production training taster sessions will be running throughout the day.

Mo-Sys Virtual Production
KitPlus Show Manchester 23 June 2022

Come along to discover our innovative solutions including:

  • StarTracker – widely recognized camera tracking system which uses retro-reflective stickers, randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid, to define a star map.
  • VP Pro XR – dedicated XR server purpose-built for Cinematic XR on-set real-time production.
  • Cinematic XR Focus – pulling focus from talent to virtual objects positioned behind the plane of the LED volume.
  • Multi-Cam – VP Pro XR feature enabling seamless multi-camera switching to overcome the typical 5-6 frame refresh delay in LED volumes.
  • Mo-Sys Academy – learn Virtual Production from industry-leading professionals, featuring skills and techniques that are at the forefront of the modern film industry.

Mo-Sys will also be hosting a panel session at 11am on the main stage at the event on The Future of Virtual Production Training, discussing how to overcome the skills gap and maximise the opportunities of LED Virtual Production for Broadcast with panelists including Kieran Phillips of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, Nicholas Glean from University of Sunderland and Adam Soan of Bendac.

The discussion points will include:

  • Background of LED Virtual Production
  • Maximising the opportunity – latest technological developments
  • The skills shortage & what the Mo-Sys Academy is doing to correct it
  • How are Universities pivoting to incorporate LED VP courses, what are their challenges and what support do they need/are they getting?
  • Virtual Production Learning Zone – Mo-Sys Academy

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production on show at NAB 2022

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production solutions took centre stage at NAB Show 2022, highlighting Mo-Sys’ position as a pioneer in driving forward the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented production. During the show Mo-Sys showcased its leading-edge virtual production technology stack and underlined why some of the world’s most innovative content producers rely on Mo-Sys solutions.

Mo-Sys co-exhibited with APG and Fujifilm, integrating Mo-Sys technology with Fujifilm lenses and a state-of-the-art 1.5mm pixel pitch LED wall from APG to demonstrate virtual production solutions in action.

Mo-Sys, Fujifilm and APG Media LED Virtual Production Showcase at NAB 2022

Among the solutions being highlighted:

  • NearTime® – patent-pending and HPA Engineering Award-winning solution for increasing real-time VFX image quality, whilst removing Moiré completely
  • Multi-Cam Switching – newly released VP Pro XR feature enabling seamless multi-camera switching to overcome the typical 5-6 frame refresh delay in LED volumes
  • Robotics for virtual production – the new Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized head and the industry-standard Mo-Sys L40 cinematic remote head
  • AR for sports with UE5 – the new heavy-duty Mo-Sys U50 remote head was shown with Fujifilm’s latest box lens using a Vinten 750i remote head with pan bars
Florian Gallier presents Mo-Sys solution for remote production and sports events

Mo-Sys also joined forces with AOTO Electronics Co. Ltd. to showcase solutions for broadcast news and factual programming. Visitors at the AOTO stand were able to see a live LED Virtual Production demonstration featuring VP Pro XR and StarTracker working with AOTO’s 2.3 pitch LED tiles. See the video below:

Mo-Sys and AOTO showcase broadcast LED Virtual Production Solutions

This video features the BBC’s Tokyo 2020 virtual set jointly designed by Lightwell & BK Design Projects with AV integration by Moov.

Mo-Sys illustrated how its set extensions can be used to virtually expand the real-world studio space, and how the newly released Multi-Cam Switching feature can be used to seamlessly switch between live cameras at resolutions up to UHD4K, and without the LED wall delay appearing in shot.

In a ground-breaking move, Mo-Sys also showed its integration with Erizos Studio, allowing Unreal Engine graphics to be used not just for the virtual studios, but for traditional on-screen graphics, such as lower thirds and data-driven graphics, either embedded in the Unreal scene or as AR objects.

Mo-Sys’ VP solutions also had a presence at the new Vū Technologies studio in Las Vegas, where StarTracker forms a key part of its 140ft. X 20ft. LED volume soundstage.

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production at NAB 2022

Tom Shelburne gives an introduction to Mo-Sys VP Pro XR
Jim Rider from Final Pixel talks about the Mo-Sys StarTracker
Carl Bodeker introduces the Vinten FP-188 Robotic Pedestal with Mo-Sys StarTracker
Chris Tornow, CEO of Pfinix Creative Group explains how dependable Mo-Sys StarTracker is
Gary Adcock talks about Virtual Production with Mo-Sys
Tim Moore from Vu Technologies talks about the ‘rock solid’ StarTracker

Mo-Sys highlights the benefits of Virtual Production at ISE 2022

Mo-Sys Engineering will highlight its comprehensive Virtual Production technology stack at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022, where it is co-exhibiting with its partner, European LED screen manufacturer, ALFALITE, and its Spanish reseller, Tangram Solutions.

LED Virtual Production

Visitors to the show will see Mo-Sys flagship StarTracker precision camera and lens tracking technology and VP Pro XR in action. The Mo-Sys StarTracker tracking system is the technology of choice for high-end TV, broadcast and film Virtual Productions. The system will be shown working in tandem with an ALFALITE 4.5m x4m, 1.9mm pixel pitch LED volume.

“As we saw from the recent Tokyo and Beijing games, live broadcast can draw huge benefits from integrating Virtual Production tools and techniques,” said Philippe, Director of Sales and Business Development for Mo-Sys. “Together with ALFALITE we deliver a complete, fully functional system from one supplier, making it easy for customers to implement the technology rapidly and immediately start leveraging the advantages. Our aim is to make extraordinarily complex processes simple and straightforward so that content producers can keep their focus on what is important – being creative.” 

Mo-Sys will present an immersive live demonstration of its end-to-end LED production workflow. The team will demonstrate StarTracker and highlight the benefits of VP Pro XR, Mo-Sys’ award-winning LED content server solutions, for broadcast Virtual Production, such as Multi-Cam, the unique ability to seamlessly switch cameras at full UHD4K resolution. By partnering with ALFALITE, Mo-Sys can now offer broadcasters and production companies ModularPix Pro LED tile modules in a comprehensive package for a complete LED volume, multi-camera production system. 

Luis Garrido Fuentes, Executive Director at ALFALITE added, “Virtual Production can bring real innovation to the table for broadcasters and production companies. Working together with a pioneer such as Mo-Sys delivers enormous value to both our customers, presenting them, with a new and exciting way to create immersive and engaging content that is highly cost effective.”  

Victor Ceruelo, CEO, Tangram Solutions, commented: “There is a real buzz of excitement from broadcasters and production companies in Spain over what can be achieved with Virtual Production techniques, and we are proud to able to offer them access to cutting-edge Virtual Production solutions from Mo-Sys.” 

Visit Mo-Sys, ALFALITE and Tangram Solutions at stand 6K650 during ISE 2022. 

Mo-Sys sponsors deep dive into on-set Virtual Production by SMPTE

Mo-Sys was the lead sponsor of a hybrid three-day event showcasing in-camera VFX and Virtual Production hosted by SMPTE UK. The event featured demos of the real-time technologies and was the latest in the SMPTE UK Section’s monthly events. 

Bringing together 80six, ETC, Solent University, Brompton Technology, Mo-Sys and other collaborators, the event gave attendees the opportunity to get a close up look at on-set Virtual Production. As part of this showcase, leading-edge technologies from the 80six’ inventory, including the Mo-Sys StarTracker, were highlighted in a production-ready setting.

The whole event was live streamed to a global audience. Commercial Director Mike Grieve gave a presentation explaining ways in which Mo-Sys technology enables precise camera tracking and introduced the new Brompton digital tracking markers for use in LED volumes.

The full event is available to watch here

The Future of Film is Virtual

Mo-Sys Project Engineer, Florian Gallier, recently gave a talk for TEDx University of Greenwich on the future of Film and Television with a focus on virtual and remote production.

Florian explained how real-time photo-realistic 3D graphics engines, combined with precision camera and lens tracking, are enabling new ways to create content across the spectrum from Hollywood blockbusters to corporate videos. It’s a complete game-changer and is impacting all market sectors.

Virtual Production has been around since the mid 1990s but only recently has it delivered life-like realism that can generate literally any dynamically changing 3D location or scene within a single studio. Cost savings and carbon footprint reductions are significant, and this technology is available to anyone creating moving image content.

Remote Production is another rapidly growing technique where robotically controlled cameras at an event enable the operator to be geographically separate from the camera. Inter-continental remote production is now possible, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Florian is a specialist in virtual and remote production at Mo-Sys. He brings new ground-breaking technologies to production workflows that enables filmmakers, directors and camera operators to work with no limit to their creativity.

Watch his talk in full below:

Mo-Sys Refinery Offers a Unique VP Testing Facility for Cinematographers

We are delighted with the hugely successful launch of the Mo-Sys Refinery, our cutting-edge virtual production (VP) testing space, specifically designed to help experienced professionals test and evaluate virtual production.

Mo-Sys Refinery is a first of its kind offering. The concept is to provide a testing space for Cinematographers and content producers to de-risk and refine their virtual production concepts, allowing them to experiment with virtual production techniques and workflows over a number of days.

With both a green screen and LED volume in one studio, we are inviting creatives to consider utilizing a hybrid virtual production methodology, where shots benefit from the strengths of each screen technology. Following on from the Grand Opening recently, these new ideas have been met with keen interest and excitement by LA-based camera people, VFX/VP Supervisors, and the post-production community.

This new mix “is a suggestion we’re waiting for the industry to pick up” Michael Geissler explained to Mark London Williams, who featured the mix of combining LED walls with traditional green screen technology that were on display at the event in an article discussing cinematography technology. The article went on to discuss what could be done to ensure the future safety of on-set crews following the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins (read the full article here).

We’re encouraging clients to test out this hybrid VP approach, incorporating both wide shots and close-up, detailed shots – using DMX controlled lighting – in a single environment.

The Refinery’s virtual production stage can be adapted to meet clients’ specific requirements, with full technical support provided on site. Mo-Sys Refinery also allows clients to collaborate with the post houses of their choice to bring in the creative services they need.

Mo-Sys Refinery LA virtual production VP

This innovative VP space also offers new virtual production technology for clients to test and evaluate, including:

Real-time MoCap for virtual character programming - drive background virtual character movement using multiple pass real-time MoCap.

Cinematic XR Focus- rack focus from the real world to the virtual world (a world first !) without changing the Focus Puller’s tools.

Scene linked lighting - match real and virtual lighting using UE4 DMX controlled lighting.

Dual screen VP shooting - shoot using both green screen and LED walls, using each screen technology to its strengths.

Neartime® - a brand new dual render workflow enabling automated high-quality re-render without the cost of post-production (Winner of HPA Engineering Excellence Award 2021).

Colour matching – match the colours between the real set and the virtual world. 

VP Pro XR- purpose-designed content server for XR volumes (LED set extensions), available as software-only or as a configured system. 

StarTracker– the most accurate and resilient camera/lens tracking system. 

Mo-Sys discusses virtual production trends at CABSAT 2021

Philippe Vignal, Director of Sales and Business Development EMEA at Mo-Sys, spoke to BroadcastPro ME at CABSAT 2021 about the trends in virtual production, extended reality (XR) and the importance of the MENA market.

At this year’s show, Mo-Sys was co-exhibiting with new partner, Broadcast Solutions, one of the leading system integrators in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a very exciting region for us. We’re growing in this region currently and we are here inaugurating our partnership with Broadcast Solutions, a large world player in the distribution and system integration fields.

Philippe Vignal, Mo-Sys Engineering

Philippe also discusses the benefits of virtual production and how Mo-Sys’ technology fits within the virtual production landscape, allowing innovative content creation and story-telling.

Click here for more CABSAT 2021 videos.

Mo-Sys and AlfaLite collaborate on LED VP Solutions

Mo-Sys Engineering and Spanish company AlfaLite, the only European LED tile manufacturer, are collaborating to offer complete end-to-end LED virtual production solutions. Each company will have full demonstration facilities of the complete system at their respective headquarters. 

Mo-Sys has an established virtual production system, in the VP Pro XR content server and the StarTracker camera/lens tracking system. The advanced tools in VP Pro XR include the unique ability to pull focus seamlessly between real and virtual objects. By partnering with AlfaLite, Mo-Sys can now offer the ModularPix Pro LED tile modules in a one-stop package for a complete LED volume, multi-camera production system. 

“Movies, television and live events all want to benefit from virtual production,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Getting a complete, fully functional system from one supplier makes it easy for them to seize the advantages quickly, slashing the technical time and allowing them to get right on with the creativity.” 

Juan Vega, International Sales Manager of AlfaLite added “Both AlfaLite and Mo-Sys are well-known names in the virtual production market, respected for our advanced functionality and high levels of customer support in the key markets. Working together in partnership will strengthen our offering even further, and make us ever-more responsive to both experienced users and those looking to move into virtual production.”  Mo-Sys will install a ModularPix Pro P1 LED screen at its headquarters in London. AlfaLite will add a Mo-Sys VP Pro XR and StarTracker to its demonstration facilities in its factory in Huelva, Spain. The two companies will collaborate on marketing and exhibitions, as well as providing support for sales channels

Partnership with Broadcast Solutions ME at CABSAT 2021

Mo-Sys to detail LED and green screen virtual production solutions for sports, news, and entertainment

Mo-Sys will detail how its latest innovations enable both LED and green screen virtual production at CABSAT 2021. The company is co-exhibiting with Broadcast Solutions Middle East, one of the largest systems integrators in the EMEA region, following on from a newly inked partnership deal.

“As one of the pioneering innovators of virtual production (VP), our technology is unique in bringing functionality that is tailored to the needs of the broadcast and film markets,“ said Philippe Vignal, Mo-Sys Engineering Director of Sales and Business Development, EMEA & APAC. “We are delighted to bring our solutions to customers across the Middle East in partnership with Broadcast Solutions”.

With nearly two decades of experience, Broadcast Solutions is one of the leading systems integrators in the Middle East, with a reputation for bringing together complex systems and technology for its customers in the broadcast and media sector. The partnership will support Mo-Sys’ expansion into the Middle East region and allow Broadcast Solutions to offer its customers access to cutting-edge virtual production solutions.

“The global virtual production sector saw explosive growth during 2020, which has continued into this year and shows no signs of slowing down. VP offers incredible value to broadcasters, filmmakers and production studios as we have seen from the rise in VP elements being used in live broadcast,” said Nicolas Hans, founding partner at Broadcast Solutions Middle East. “We are excited to partner with Mo-Sys and bring its market-leading solutions to our customers in the region.”

At CABSAT 2021 Mo-Sys will highlight VP Pro XR, a dedicated content server for real-time visual effects production using an LED volume, with or without set extensions (XR). This system is unique in being designed by broadcast and film technologists for creatives in these markets, and is capable of being used with green screen and LED volumes. A key feature of VP Pro XR is its unique patent-pending Cinematic XR Focus, enabling focus pulls between talent and virtual objects positioned virtually behind the LED volume.

At the Broadcast Solutions stand, Mo-Sys will additionally give CABSAT 2021 attendees the opportunity to learn about its flagship StarTracker camera tracking system. This is now the tracking technology of choice for many prestige broadcasters, including BBC Sport who used the system during its coverage of this Summer’s Tokyo Games, and featured a virtual set so convincing that viewers complained after it was revealed by a studio guest that the BBC presenters were not actually in Tokyo.

Mo-Sys and Broadcast Solutions can be found on booth 123 at CABSAT 2021.