Compact jib built specifically for virtual studios and AR.


Highly integrated tracking head for VR and AR.


Mo-Sys StarTracker is a real-time optical camera tracking system

StarTracker Max

Mo-Sys’ most accurate Virtual Production tracking solution in a miniaturized format.

Mo-Sys invented ‘simple-to-use’ marker-based optical camera tracking for virtual production. The resulting product, StarTracker, went on to become the world’s best-selling absolute tracking solution for broadcast and cinematic. Utilizing its unrivalled knowledge of virtual production, Mo-Sys has now developed the next generation of StarTracker.

StarTracker Max marks the beginning of an exciting new platform, building on the trusted current StarTracker technology, but delivering even greater tracking accuracy coupled with new unique capabilities to be announced in due course. Advanced is significantly lighter than its predecessor thanks to the all-new, compact form factor incorporating a detachable processor for convenient handling.

StarTracker Max auto alignment technology simplifies set-up and ensures ultra-precise studio calibration. With rapid star map discovery, a new user-friendly interface (IOS and Android) and simple D-Tap power inlet,  StarTracker Advanced sets a new standard for set-and-forget professional tracking.

Achieve more with Mo-Sys StarTracker Max.

Next generation high-resolution tracking
A new high-resolution camera enables tracking up to 8x more accurate than the current StarTracker

Resilient Inside-out tracking
Immune from occlusion and blind spotting experienced by ‘outside-in’ tracking systems. StarTracker Max provides absolute ‘inside-out’ tracking with no limitations

Maximum versatility
StarTracker Max is optimized for use in studio spaces up to 100 x 100 m with no explicit upper limit, and ceiling heights >16m with appropriately sized and spaced stars

One-time calibration
Once set-up, StarTracker Advanced is fully autonomous with no need for costly, time consuming daily re-calibration

6-axis tracking with lens zoom and focus
Delivers precision blending of photo realistic 3D virtual graphics with the real-world scenes and objects

Wide-angle camera for superior tracking
120-degree field of view sensor enabling tracking even on a camera pointing straight down, with zero drift accumulation and ultra-fast star map discovery

Unrivalled pedigree
It’s a StarTracker! Designed and manufactured in the UK, to the same exacting standards as all of our world-leading virtual production solutions