Mo-Sys Collaborates with NVIDIA

Mo-Sys Collaborates with NVIDIA to Reveal Next-Generation Broadcast Technologies at IBC 2023

LONDON  – 13th September 2023 – Mo-Sys today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to drive the next generation of broadcast technologies for virtual production and extended reality (XR) applications.

The collaboration will strengthen Mo-Sys’ successful VP Pro XR virtual studio product offering with the introduction of MultiViewXR while accelerating the development of its worldwide remote production solution, TimeCam.

Using Mo-Sys’ patent-pending machine learning, MultiViewXR, powered by NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, provides a complete multi-camera switching solution for LED virtual studios. It automatically keys, recomposites and generates real-time, AI-assisted director previews of off-air cameras.

NVIDIA Mo-Sys IBC 2023

The system has been designed to remove complexity from the technology and leave creatives to focus on what creatives do best, with full control of shutter speed and exposure, as well as complete freedom of choice of camera, LED controller and panels.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys Engineering, said, “Our innovative approach and engineering expertise allow us to create a new generation of tools that will define the future of broadcasting and filmmaking with the help of real-time AI inference on NVIDIA GPUs.”

For the first time, virtual studios can access an affordable multi-camera switching solution that also provides directors with the correct perspective view from off-air cameras before switching within a limitless XR environment.

“NVIDIA helped us hugely with improving the pipeline and performance of MultiViewXR,” said James Uren, Mo-Sys Technical Director. “We are only scratching the surface of what’s possible with NVIDIA RTX, and will continue collaborating to accelerate our machine learning pipeline and AI-based features.”

Mo-Sys will demonstrate MultiViewXR together with Sony FR7s from stand 7.C16 during IBC 2023. The system will also be featured on the LG booth with the possibility to switch between four RED Komodo cameras with four Fujinon lenses, tracked by the new StarTracker Max.

A new version of Mo-Sys TimeCam patented technology will be shown at IBC as well. TimeCam allows worldwide camera control from one point to another anywhere in the world with zero delay felt thanks to Mo-Sys’ patented delay compensation. TimeCam is now compatible with SMPTE ST 2110 workflows and NMOS support for Standardized Discovery and Routing.

Mo-Sys TimeCam

“By working with NVIDIA, our combined expertise allows us to provide the most advanced solutions for film and broadcast,” said Florian Gallier, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Mo-Sys. “We are proud to have pushed the development of TimeCam, and we are compatible with full IP workflows and SMPTE ST 2110 using NVIDIA Rivermax, NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs.

Gallier continued, “These new workflows will leverage the latest 8K sensors through our partnership with RED Digital Cinema. TimeCam is compatible with RED Connect, which decompresses the camera’s 8K stream using NVIDIA CUDA cores into full- fidelity images used by TimeCam to compensate for latency in remote camera operations.”

TimeCam integrates with RED Connect, with SMPTE ST 2110 based on NVIDIA Rivermax, and with RED’s V-RAPTOR camera streaming 8K video over IP directly out of the camera through fibre. This allows a 4K delay compensation by cropping in real time within the 8K frame while combining it with the robotic head on the other side of the globe. This patented technology allows real-time worldwide camera control with no delay felt at all.

TimeCam will soon be available on NVIDIA’s software-defined platform for building and deploying media applications. It will be demoed at the Mo-Sys booth at IBC in collaboration with NVIDIA and RED Digital Cinema.

About Mo-Sys Engineering

Mo-Sys Engineering is a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions. The company’s products are used by leading broadcasters, filmmakers, and live event producers around the world. Mo-Sys is headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Mo-Sys launch MultiViewXR at IBC

Mo-Sys launch revolutionary multi-camera workflow for LED virtual studios at IBC 2023

London, UK – 05th September 2023 – Mo-Sys Engineering, a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions will launch a new, unrestricted and cost-effective solution for multi-camera workflows in LED virtual studios at IBC 2023.

MultiViewXR brings a traditional multi-camera workflow to LED virtual studios with unrestricted creative controls, maximum colour depth and full resolution, leaving creatives free to tell their story, their way. This powerful feature of VP Pro XR is ideal for broadcasters and corporate content creators. In real-time, it automatically re-composites multiple camera perspectives and is compatible with all leading broadcast and cine cameras, LED controllers and panels.

MultiViewXR Director Preview

Michael Geissler, CEO, Mo-Sys Engineering said: “For the first time, directors can see the correct perspective view of off-air cameras before switching within a limitless XR environment that gives creatives full artistic choice of shutter speeds and exposure.”

Using Mo-Sys’ patent pending machine learning, MultiViewXR generates real-time AI-assisted director previews and supports any number of cameras per system while eliminating the need for multiple and costly render nodes.

“MultiViewXR addresses what up until now has been a major drawback for LED virtual production,” said Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director of Mo-Sys Engineering. “It enables the use of multiple cameras as you’d expect to see in any traditional broadcast and newsroom studio, with real-time director previews showing the correct perspective view of off-air cameras while giving creative teams full control over shutter speed and exposure. Broadcast and corporate production teams can now utilise all the benefits of multi-camera LED virtual production without creative limitation, and they can do that within an economical package”.

MultiViewXR Presenter
Mo-Sys MultiViewXR

The solution integrates with existing studio infrastructure to revolutionise VP for multi-camera projects in a cost-effective package without technology constraints.

Visitors to IBC with see a live demonstration of MultiViewXR from the Mo-Sys booth in Hall 7, Stand C16. Use our registration link

Mo-Sys Expands Academy to APAC

Mo-Sys Expands Academy to APAC – Mo-Sys Announce Partnership with Thairath TV, LG and EPIC Games to expand Academy to APAC

London, UK. Thursday 10th August 2023 – Mo-Sys, a world leading provider of virtual production solutions, today announced the opening of its virtual production academy in Asia Pacific (APAC). The academy will be located in Bangkok, Thailand, and will offer Mo-Sys’ unique range of hands-on, practical virtual production courses.

Established in 2021, Mo-Sys’ Virtual Production Academy was the first to provide hands-on practical virtual production training. The Academy specialises in courses based around small group activities designed to transfer knowledge and build confidence. The training has been carefully designed to help participants build the skills and experience they need to succeed in the growing field of virtual production.

Mo-Sys Academy LED Virtual Production Training
Mo-Sys Expands Academy to APAC

“The demand for skilled virtual production technicians is growing rapidly, and we are excited to expand our academy to APAC together with Thairath TV, LG and the support of Epic Games, where we will address the regional skills gap,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Our academy will provide participants with the knowledge and experience they need to be successful.”

Mo-Sys is partnering with Thairath TV and LG to deliver its training programs. Thairath TV is a leading Thai television broadcaster, and LG is a leading manufacturer of LED display technology. The new APAC Academy courses will be delivered from Thairath TV’s Palace Studio which will double as a permanent VP technology open house to showcase the very latest product developments.

Beginning early September 2023, the Academy APAC partnership will provide participants with best-in-class training together with access to state-of-the-art virtual production facilities and equipment.

A grand opening event will be held on 10th August 2023 at Thairath TV’s Palace Studio in Bangkok. This will feature demonstrations of virtual production technology, presentations from the industry’s leading experts and valuable networking opportunities.

“I am excited to announce the opening of our APAC Academy,” said Nok Yupapak Tawanna, Vice President, APAC Region for Mo-Sys. “The Academy will provide world-class VP training opportunities and I can’t thank our amazing partners Thairath TV, LG and Epic Games enough for their support.”

During the open event, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Business Director, Bernt Kare Johannessen will provide insight about the Unreal product roadmap and introduce a User Summit. Sean Cho of LG Electronics will present the latest LED display technology for virtual production and introduce the company’s complete studio solutions for broadcast, cinematic and corporate VP and XR applications.

For more information visit or email

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR to Power Virtual Production at Solent University

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR LED Content Server Solution to Power State-of-the-art LED Virtual Production Facility at Solent University

Southampton, UK – 2nd August 2023 – Mo-Sys Engineering, a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions, today announced that its VP Pro XR LED Content Server Solution has been selected to power a state-of-the-art high-performance LED virtual production facility at Solent University in Southampton UK.

The new facility will be delivered by Mo-Sys partner CJP, who will be upgrading the existing studio space and integrating a new LED virtual studio. The news comes shortly after the University of Sunderland announced it has seen an increase in student numbers since it took delivery of its virtual studios which were also installed by CJP.

Solent University will utilise their new LED Volume to deliver film production courses. The new studio will comprise of a 10m x 3m LED wall and include a 4m x 2m Mimik lighting panel which will provide lighting and cinematic reflections. The solution will also utilise AOTO LED panels and Brompton video processors alongside Mo-Sys’ StarTracker Max camera tracking and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR.

Christopher Woolford, Technical Instructor at Solent University, commented: “Our aim is to give our students the best opportunities, and using the same techniques as in major film and television releases means we can prepare them for their chosen industry. The new virtual production facility supplied by CJP is going to open a whole raft of new opportunities for our students in highly sought after roles.”

Ken Pitts, Course Leader for CGI and VFX at Solent University, added: “The new virtual production facility is going to be a game-changer for our students. It will allow them to learn how to use the latest technology and techniques and give them the skills they need to succeed in the industry.”

Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director at Mo-Sys, said: “Following on from their success at the University of Sunderland, and recently being appointed to the NWUPC, it is great to hear CJP have been chosen to deliver another complete LED virtual production studio for education. Not only are the CJP team a pleasure to deal with, but they are also incredibly knowledgeable having invested in developing their team with training from Mo-Sys Academy and others. Their knowledge, experience, and successful track record of delivering VP solutions in the UK education market is really impressive, so it is unsurprising so many universities are keen to speak with them.”

About Mo-Sys Engineering

Mo-Sys Engineering is a world leader in image robotics, virtual production and remote production solutions. The company’s products are used by leading broadcasters, filmmakers, and live event producers around the world. Mo-Sys is headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia.

About CJP

CJP is a leading provider of virtual production solutions for the education sector. The company has installed virtual production facilities at a number of universities in the UK, including the University of Sunderland, Manchester Metropolitan University & the UCA Farnham.

Corporate Virtual Production

What is Corporate Virtual Production

Corporate Virtual Production is a powerful tool which can be used by companies of all sizes, and of all industries to create more high-quality video content than ever before, at speed, with small teams and at a fraction of the equivalent traditional production costs.

It utilises In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX), or what can also be referred to as Final Pixel shooting which aims to capture the final shot in-camera, and in doing so avoiding costly post-production effort. These techniques, also known as workflows, come from big budget Hollywood and broadcast VFX developments, where actors perform in front of a green or blue screen which can be automatically keyed out, and more recently LED technology to display virtual scenes.

As the technology and techniques have matured, businesses are now able to access it to shoot Corporate Virtual Production, in-house from their own office-based studio.

Corporate Virtual Production
Salesforce’s marketing team utilise virtual production to create more, for less.

Why should corporates consider Virtual Production

Companies are under huge pressure to create video content. This can be internal communications like presentations and announcements or lead generation and customer facing videos like training videos, new product introductions, advertising and social media.

Colgate LED Virtual Production
Colgate advertisement shot in LED Virtual Studio (MAXI Brazil)

In competitive markets and in the HD world of 2023, the viewer expects this to be high quality content, and they want lots of it. Video content is proven to be effective with up to 72% of consumers preferring video over text according to Hubspot Research. Other studies have revealed up to 85% of millennials purchase products after watching a video, and as many as 95% of B2B buyers report video played a crucial role in shaping their purchasing decision.

Salesforce’s marketing team have successfully utilised virtual production to create more, for less. They are now producing vast amounts of high-quality content quickly and with a small team from a central London office-based studio.

Corporate Virtual Production

95% of B2B buyers report video played a crucial role in shaping their purchasing decision (credit: Spiceworks)

Corporate Virtual Production

85% of millennials purchase product after watching a video (credit: Brightcove)

72% of consumers prefer video

72% of consumers prefer video over text (credit: Hubspot Research)

What benefits and opportunities can Virtual Production offer corporate users

Whether it’s for a website, customer portal or social media. Whether the viewer is an existing customer looking for a deeper understanding of your products and services, or a new client researching potential solutions. The demand for businesses to create video content has been established, but marketing teams have struggled to produce the desired volume of content, within the time available, and within their budget constraints. All too often, it becomes time consuming and quickly gets expensive to shoot great videos in multiple locations. This makes it difficult for small marketing teams and the risk is they settle for producing less video, in fewer environments.

Honda advert shot in an LED Volume
Honda advert shoot in an LED Volume (MAXI Brazil)

Corporate Virtual Production resets the status quo. It gives the marketing team freedom to experiment without piling up costs, to respond quickly to market conditions and shoot in multiple environments with smaller teams who can produce rich video content quickly, cost-effectively, and all without leaving the office.

What kind of Corporate Virtual Production systems exist

Corporate Virtual Production systems can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and the teams who’ll be using them. There is no one size fits all solution, and Mo-Sys’ experienced team of specialists can guide you to making the correct decisions.

Curved LED Wall for Virtual Production

Consider the impact if your teams could respond quickly to market conditions with rapid production of training videos, product introductions, social media and more.

How can Mo-Sys help your business access Virtual Production

If you have seen an opportunity for your business to efficiently create more video content, respond quickly to market condition and improve communications through Virtual Production, then reach out to Mo-Sys.

Mo-Sys is an award winning, world-renowned manufacturer of virtual production solutions & camera robotics for Film, TV & Broadcast and were the first to establish a Virtual Production Academy which uniquely focusses on hands-on practical VP training tailored to transfer knowledge and build confidence.

Learn more about Corporate Virtual Production, what systems exist, where to find training and how your business could benefit from the many creative advantages.

Download the Corporate Virtual Production brochure:

Download the Corporate Virtual Production brochure

Mo-Sys and ACO Partner to Host Robotics Showcase

London, UK. July 28, 2023 – Mo-Sys Engineering, the leading provider of camera tracking and robotics solutions for the film and broadcast industries, today announced that it is partnering with the Association of Camera Operators (ACO) to host a Robotics Showcase. The event will take place on 15th August 2023, at The Cleveland Arms in London.

The Robotics Showcase will feature Mo-Sys’ latest camera robotics technology, including the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head, the L40 remote head, and the Pan bar and Handwheel controls. Attendees will have an opportunity to take a close look at the technology and meet the Mo-Sys team, who will be on hand to answer any questions. The event also represents an opportunity to meet and network with other ACO members.

“We are excited to partner with the ACO to host this event,” said Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director at Mo-Sys. “The ACO is a great organization that represents the best camera operators in the world. We are looking forward to showcasing our latest camera robotics technology to ACO members and answering any questions they may have.”

The Robotics Showcase is a free event. To RSVP, please contact us.

Mo-Sys to partner with the Association of Camera Operators for Robotics Showcase

About Mo-Sys Engineering

Mo-Sys Engineering is a leading provider of camera tracking and robotics solutions for the film and broadcast industries. Mo-Sys’ products are used by some of the world’s leading filmmakers and broadcasters, including Disney, Lucasfilm, and the BBC. Mo-Sys is headquartered in the UK and has offices in the US, Europe, and Asia.

About the Association of Camera Operators

The Association of Camera Operators (ACO) is a professional organization for camera operators in the film and broadcast industries. The ACO’s mission is to promote the highest standards of camera operating and to provide a forum for camera operators to share knowledge and experience. The ACO has over 400 members in 15 countries.

Virtual Studios Boost Student Numbers at the University of Sunderland

London, UK. 27 July 2023 – Virtual Studios Boost Student Numbers at the University of Sunderland.

The University of Sunderland has seen a significant increase in student numbers and international interest since announcing their investment in Mo-Sys equipped virtual production studios.

University of Sunderland
Virtual Studios Boost Student Numbers at the University of Sunderland

The virtual studios, which were installed by Mo-Sys partner CJP Broadcast Service Solutions include an impressive 10m x 3.5m curved LED wall and incorporate the latest Mo-Sys technology.

Ensuring students gain experience with the latest industry equipment, the LED Volume utilises Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR LED Content Server and features Multi-camera switching, Cinematic XR Focus, Set Extensions, Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking which seamlessly blends the real-world foreground with the CGI virtual scene, together with Pan bar and Hand wheel controls.

Virtual Studios Boost Student Numbers at the University of Sunderland

“Virtual production has been the catalyst to raising the profile of the university,” said Ian McPake, Programme Leader for Film Production. “The new technology has increased our exposure in the UK and around the world. And teaching virtual production as part of our courses is providing students with valuable skills and knowledge, and the result is they have a much greater chance of being employable when they graduate.”

The new studios have been met with enthusiasm from students, who have taken to the new technology really well. “Higher education is a competitive market and it’s hard to stand out, especially being situated in the North East of England,” said Craig Moore, Senior TV and Virtual Production Studio Technician. “Having this facility has started to turn people’s heads who otherwise wouldn’t have considered studying at the University of Sunderland.”

CJP installed virtual studios at the University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland is one of the few universities in the UK to have this technology, which makes them front runners in embedding Virtual Production in their courses. This has led to increased interest from international students and industry, with companies also now looking towards Sunderland.

“After seeing what Sunderland has done, other universities are now thinking of investing in the same systems,” added Ian McPake. “Connections with local industry have improved and companies want to come in and use this technology. Students will be leaving Sunderland with VP knowledge and experience which is in high-demand and therefore incredibly valuable.”

The University of Sunderland is proud to be at the forefront of virtual production education. The new studios are a valuable asset to the university and wider region, and these are helping to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

MAXI Selects Mo-Sys StarTracker for Volvo Product Launch

Curitiba, Brazil – MAXI, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for live hybrid and virtual events, today announced that it selected Mo-Sys StarTracker to deliver a major new product launch for Volvo.

Volvo factory in Brazil where MAXI used StarTracker for Corporate Virtual Production

The corporate virtual production event, which took place at the Volvo factory in Curitiba, Brazil, showcased four new trucks. MAXI was responsible for the entire technology stack required to deliver the high-profile launch, including building an LED virtual studio, providing the virtual production technology, and tracking the camera movements using Mo-Sys StarTracker.

StarTracker being calibrated at Volvo

StarTracker is a state-of-the-art camera tracking system that provides precise and reliable data in real time. This was essential for the Volvo launch, as the camera movements had to be synchronized with the virtual environment in order to create a seamless viewing experience for the audience.

StarTracker for Volvo

“We always search for the best products in the market to ensure our high-profile projects for the likes of Volvo go to plan without problems,” said José Augusto, Director Executivo of MAXI. “StarTracker was chosen as it offers the most precise and reliable camera tracking data available. The versatility of the system, which can be used with different types of cameras, lenses, and grip, was also a key factor in our decision.”

The Volvo launch event was broadcast live to 10,000 people, including Volvo employees, dealers, press, and clients. The audience was able to get a close-up view of the new trucks in a realistic virtual environment.

StarTracker at Volvo Brazil

“We were delighted with the results of the Volvo launch,” said José Augusto. “The use of Mo-Sys StarTracker ensured that the camera movements were smooth and precise, and the virtual environment was incredibly realistic. The audience was able to get a truly immersive experience of the new trucks.”

About MAXI. MAXI is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for live hybrid and virtual events. The company offers a wide range of services, including LED virtual studios, virtual production technology, and camera tracking. MAXI has a proven track record of delivering successful events for a wide range of corporate clients, including Volvo.

About Mo-Sys StarTracker. Mo-Sys StarTracker is a state-of-the-art camera tracking system that provides precise and reliable data in real time. The system uses a constellation of stars to track the position and orientation of a camera, even in challenging environments. StarTracker is used by a wide range of industries, including film, television, education and corporate content creation.

Mo-Sys Announce New StarTracker Max Features

London, UK. 25 July 2023 – New StarTracker Max Features Announced

Mo-Sys, the world leader in camera tracking technology, today unveiled more details about its StarTracker Max real-time camera tracking solution.

StarTracker Max is the latest absolute camera tracking solution from Mo-Sys, who pioneered random marker-based camera tracking with the introduction of the original StarTracker. StarTracker is trusted by the world’s leading broadcasters and film producers, and is recognised as having the largest installed base of any professional camera tracking solution.

Max has been developed with the benefit of Mo-Sys’ unrivalled 25 years’ experience in camera tracking, and marks the beginning of an exciting new platform which builds on trusted StarTracker technology.

Mo-Sys StarTracker Max

The new lightweight and miniaturised StarTracker Max leverages improved hardware and algorithms to produce Mo-Sys’ most accurate tracking solution to date, and promises an exciting development path of game-changing capabilities.

“We are excited to announce more details about StarTracker Max,” said Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director of Mo-Sys. “The team has worked hard to improve on an already successful design. StarTracker Max has been miniaturised and operates at higher resolution with a higher framerate to produce our most accurate camera tracking solution ever, and it does this while still avoiding any need for external PC’s as all processing is handled within the 450g unit.”

A new brochure explains a simple web-based user interface and time-saving wizards, improved connectivity and provides a comprehensive overview of all the new features and benefits of StarTracker Max, the most advanced and accurate camera tracking solution on the market.

StarTracker Max is available now for purchase from Mo-Sys and its authorized resellers. For more information and to download a copy of the new brochure, please click here.

Salesforce spin-off creates corporate video with cost-effective Virtual Production

Salesforce spin-off utilises new, rapid and cost-effective Virtual Production workflow for corporate video content.

Morden Wolf is successfully shooting, editing and publishing high-quality corporate content quickly, with small teams and at a fraction of the traditional production costs from its central London office-based studio.

With the economy slowing, this ground-breaking approach is demonstrating how companies can produce more, for less, and that Virtual Production is no-longer the preserve of big budget Hollywood movies.

Salesforce spin-off creates corporate video with cost-effective Virtual Production

Led by company founder and ex-Salesforce Marketing Director Rob Chandler, the team at Morden Wolf is deliberately small. This plays to them being able to work quickly, in an uncomplicated environment which cleverly avoids the traditional pyramid of production costs that is created when using large teams and shooting in multiple locations with lots of service providers.

Instead, a dedicated team of between 3 and 5 handle pre-production planning, virtual environments, lighting and Mo-Sys StarTracker Studio. Recent productions include training videos, comedy shorts and ad content, shot quickly and delivered in multiple formats for all social media platforms.

Stephen Gallagher, Mo-Sys Marketing Director

Mo-Sys Marketing Director, Stephen Gallagher added: “Having left Salesforce frustrated with the longwinded and costly traditional methods of creating corporate video content, Rob has been on a mission to find a better way to create more, do it quickly and cost-effectively. Using Mo-Sys technology he has found the solution and perfected his craft”.

Rob had recognised how virtual production would revolutionise the way content is created. His experience with high tech companies like Microsoft, Epson, and Salesforce where any creative content was always prohibitively expensive and time consuming, with the only alternative seeming to be poorly produced web camera and smartphone content.

He immediately saw the potential of using the highly creative, flexible, and agile virtual production technology to produce any type of corporate content; demos, advertising, social media, announcements and even broadcast events.

Marketing directors now have even a bigger challenge. How do they maintain or even increase content production at a time where budgets are under pressure?

Rob Chandler, CEO & Founder of Morden Wolf

Rob Chandler, CEO and Founder of Morden Wolf said:
“The solution is simple and now highly accessible in cost and knowledge. Virtual Production allows you to shoot in a highly controlled basic studio, while the sets are all virtual. This means businesses can shoot within any style of branded virtual set or studio throughout a day; Demo’s from the office, announcements from reception, social posts from a forest. It’s so simple.”

Mo-Sys will join forces with Morden Wolf to host a corporate open day, where brand owners, advertising agencies and marketing teams can join us to learn more about this innovative VP workflow. Attendees are invited to register interest at