Behind Garden Studios’ LED Virtual Production

Having completed 80+ productions, Garden Studios has perfected the art of efficient LED Virtual Production. Hear more from Mark Pilborough-Skinner below, explaining the benefits of having an incredibly stable tracking solution like StarTracker for rapid set-up, LED ceilings and digital stars.

Efficient LED virtual production with Mo-Sys StarTracker

Read more about Brompton Technology’s digital markers for use with the Mo-Sys StarTracker here.

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Mo-Sys updates the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head

Mo-Sys Engineering has updated its G30 heavy-duty gyro-stabilized remote head. Designed to provide silent operation and capture beautifully smooth cinematic shots, the G30 offers precision movement with superior image stabilization together with simple tech-less operation in a cost-effective package.

G30 Gyro-stabilized remote head
Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized camera head

Incorporating several customer-led upgrades, the new G30 is a radical rethink of the traditional heavy-duty stabilized remote head. The rigid 45˚  frame geometry supports camera payloads of up to 30kg/66lbs and has been engineered to eliminate the risk of gimbal lock. 

The G30 balancing process has been further improved with the introduction of innovative indexing plungers. These enable the operator to lock off each axis independently during set-up while also aiding safe transportation.

Keeping the operator in mind, multiple 3/8” accessory mounting points have been added while the thoughtful re-design also sees the introduction of engraved measurement markings to all sliding components for rapid deployment and fine adjustment.

An enlarged right side tilt motor through-hole protects cables and reduces congestion, allowing more cables to pass freely through the center and customers can now specify an optional wireless control module, allowing for up to 300m remote control.

The G30 ships with an intuitive digital display console. Taking its design cues from the automotive industry it has a shallow menu structure, clear displays showing the current parameter values, and physical controls for direct, tactile operation. It can be used with pan bars, cine wheels or a broadcast console to give the operator the intuitive response needed for the production.

“The G30 already has a reputation for meeting the real creative needs of cinematographers,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “In developing the next generation of this gyro-stabilized head, we have listened to our users and made something that is even easier to rig, even more intuitive to operate, and even more precise and repeatable in its moves and positioning. We know that cinematographers are always under pressure to get the shot quickly, which is why we give them tools which they understand instinctively.”

For more information on the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head, contact the Mo-Sys team

Mo-Sys Deploys Revolutionary Lighting Solutions for Virtual Production at London’s Olympia

Mo-Sys Engineering joined forces once again with 3LR Lighting and Bendac to showcase the latest in ICVFX final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show 2023. 

LED Virtual Production demonstration at MPTS 2023

Mo-Sys is synonymous with industry leading precision camera tracking for Virtual Production, and showcased the latest version of its StarTracker technology, StarTracker Max. StarTracker Max delivers real advantages over its predecessor, with a smaller and lighter on-camera unit making it much easier to use with Steadicam and handheld cameras. The new platform also provides even greater accuracy, and the software architecture has been designed to allow for new functionality in the future, including a web interface to be introduced shortly.

Completing the seamless blend between real foreground props and the virtual scene, Mo-Sys’ partner 3LR Lighting provided Electronic Theatre Controls lighting with a world-first x8 color LED chip array, including Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Amber, Red, and Deep Red. This innovative lighting solution created a quality of white light never seen before and eliminated color de-saturation when mixing colors.

ETC’s range of Film and TV fixtures offers metameric control and is the only fixture to have installed color integrity control. Additionally, ETC’s luminaires utilize Droop Compensation algorithms to ensure consistent color and output throughout shoots, overcoming the problem of LED’s becoming less efficient as they heat up, which can result in a loss of output and cause potential color matching issues in post-production.

These LED fixtures offer perfect color homogenization to any LED volume and enhance any traditional Film or TV set with a true full spectrum LED light. With an unparalleled warranty of 10 years, ETC’s lighting solutions offer spectral content unlike any other lighting fixture in the Film and TV and photo market today, covering 94% of REC 2020.

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Mo-Sys and NovaStar to demonstrate stunning virtual production at InfoComm  

Mo-Sys Engineering is once again collaborating with leading LED processor specialist NovaStar to bring remarkable virtual production to InfoComm 2023 (booth 915, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, 14 – 16 June). 

LED virtual production demonstration

The demonstration will combine NovaStar LED processing with StarTracker camera tracking and Mo-Sys’ dedicated LED content server solution VP Pro XR. StarTracker is regarded as the gold standard in precision camera tracking for virtual production and providing the bridge between precision tracking and the virtual scene is Mo-Sys VP Pro XR. 
Designed specifically for broadcast and cinematic content creation, VP Pro XR incorporates Cinematic XR Focus which enables the focus puller to rack focus between real world foreground objects and virtual assets placed deep within the scene. XR Focus can also provide a level of protection against one of the biggest challenges in LED final pixel production: the problem of visible moiré patterning when zoomed in close.  
“We are really excited to be working with NovaStar again, showing how virtual production is ready for primetime,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “The demonstration shows just the sort of scene that would provide real challenges for traditional productions: a forest scene, but here using VP we can control the light, the time of day and the weather without taking the crew off-road. Mo-Sys and NovaStar combine to address the real issues for creative professionals, delivering a powerful, practical and complete solution.” 

Developing next generation of creative talent

The continued growth of creative visualisation and production using Virtual Production depends on new talent coming into the industry. To help maintain that stream of new talent, Mo-Sys created its own Academy which provides small group, hands-on practical training from London and LA. Mo-Sys has also partnered with leading UK systems integrator CJP Broadcast Service Solutions who specialise in the design, system integration and on-going support of complete virtual studios throughout the UK education market.

Mo-Sys and CJP Broadcast at the University of Sunderland

CJP prides itself on providing innovative, professional solutions for a range of clients, including broadcasters, new media companies, business and education. Its staff have had full training via the Mo-Sys Academy and have gained industry-leading and valuable experience during a successful period of high-demand and growth which has seen CJP trusted to complete several major education projects. 

In a short space of time, CJP has built virtual production and augmented reality studios for a number of education institutions, including the University of the Creative Arts, University of Sunderland, Manchester Metropolitan University and many more. 

Each installation uses Mo-Sys StarTracker for precise camera tracking, whether in a green screen studio or an LED volume. Many also use Mo-Sys VP Pro XR software to provide a fully integrated, highly creative package. 

The University of the Creative Arts is a great example. CJP built a studio with a curved LED wall, 8m x 3m, together with a ceiling panel of 4.5m x 2m. They custom-made a curved lighting bar to match, to ensure a perfect blend between real and virtual elements. 

With Mo-Sys StarTracker providing precise location of the Blackmagic cameras, Mo-Sys VP Pro XR software sits natively as a plugin within Unreal Engine to create the virtual elements, across the whole of the high-resolution LED volume, in real time. 

CJP built a studio with a professional level of equipment and specifications, so students learn about the equipment that they will use throughout their careers, whether their ambitions are in broadcast, movies, marketing or gaming. 

Introducing Mo-Sys VP Pro 5.2

Mo-Sys is thrilled to introduce VP Pro 5.2, our latest release that coincides with the recent release of Unreal Engine 5.2.

During the 5.1 period, our focus was on enhancing VFX workflows and improving documentation. Our team has gained valuable insights from two recent major projects, which we have incorporated into our tools.

We are excited to unveil our new VP Pro Support site This comprehensive platform offers manuals, downloads and instructional videos covering the basics of VP Pro configuration. We will continue to update these through the 5.2 period.

We’re also looking forward to an early 5.3 release available for those wanting to try the Avalanche beta in the coming months. Please contact for more information.

Release notes:

  • VFX mode legacy keyer compositing fixes and improvements
  • New undistortion mathematics for improved reflections and refractions
  • Distortion ST Maps and all side-car metadata stored in EXRs in Movie Render Queue (VFX license)
  • Ability to easily render with / without distortion and to override overscan (VFX license)
  • Improved lens distortion support in Nuke (VFX license)
  • EDL pipeline for FBX tracking data (VFX license)
  • Automated conversion of high-speed StarTracker recordings to FBX (VFX license)
  • XR UX improvements and fixes (XR license)
  • Switchboard integration for XR stage management (BETA) (XR license)

To download VP Pro 5.2, please click here.

Mo-Sys and Bendac combine to show cutting edge VP technology at MPTS

Mo-Sys Engineering is partnering with creative technology specialists Bendac to showcase the very best of ICVFX, final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show (stand J42, Olympia London, 10 – 11 May). The booth will feature Mo-Sys’ StarTracker Max in a demonstration of Cinematic XR Focus together with an impressive 8x3m Bendac LED wall along with ETC lighting provided by 3LR. 

LED virtual production at MPTS

Mo-Sys has become a standard in precision camera tracking, and the MPTS demonstration will feature the latest version of its StarTracker technology. StarTracker Max delivers real advantages over its predecessor, with a smaller and lighter on-camera unit making it much easier to use with Steadicam and handheld cameras. The new platform also provides even greater accuracy, and the software architecture has been designed to allow for new functionality in the future, including a web interface to be introduced shortly. 

At MPTS, as in so many real-world implementations, StarTracker Max will feed into Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR, a powerful plugin that sits directly within Unreal Engine. Designed specifically for Broadcast and Cinematic content creation, this purpose-built toolset offers unique features, including Cinematic XR Focus and Multi-Camera Switching. Cinematic XR Focus allows cinematographers to pull focus between real and virtual objects, seamlessly and with intuitive operation using familiar focus controllers like Teradek or Preston. Visitors to the booth will also learn how Mo-Sys’ Cinematic XR Focus can be deployed to control moiré patterning, one of the biggest challenges for LED virtual production. 

“Virtual and augmented production is the hottest creative topic of the moment, and everyone at MPTS will want to see the leading edge of what can be achieved, practically and cost-effectively,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Through partnering with Bendac we are able to build a fully working studio on the show floor and let visitors see what can really be done in immersive, dynamic production, and how we at Mo-Sys are directly addressing the real creative issues, providing a powerful and complete solution.” 

Find Mo-Sys at MPTS on stand J42, and find full information on the company’s products and services here.

Virtual production democratization, unlocking community potential 

As a leading company in the media industry, Mo-Sys recognizes the importance of democratizing production through new technologies by lowering barriers of entry and providing access to valuable communities. 

FAME virtual production demonstration

At the Mo-Sys Academy, we’re proud to put ourselves out there, creating real opportunities for people not just to experience virtual production, but to see for themselves how exciting and immersive the creative possibilities really are. We want to spark their creativity, inspiring them to inspire the world with it. 

Recently, Mo-Sys Academy virtual production educator Eric Rigney collaborated with the First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME) in Los Angeles. With the help of FAME, their dining hall space was converted into a small greenscreen studio, and in one afternoon, we demonstrated to church members, young and old, how virtual production opens up possibilities they may have never otherwise imagined. 

We showcased just how liberating virtual production is by bringing an animated elephant into the space – not many had expected to see an elephant in a church auditorium in LA. The many small fingerprints left on the church’s television monitor screen demonstrated joyful evidence of how the younger children attempted to pet the virtual pachyderm. “Mama, did you see the elephant?” In one simple demo, that 3D elephant showed future media artists the power of augmented reality. 

Mo-Sys Academy VP Educator Eric Rigney

From there we transitioned the audience over to live real-time compositing. Student actors converted their makeshift green screen studio into Grand Central Station. We even placed an animated mannequin actor on to the virtual train station lobby floor, a shiny white robotic figure that breathed heavily in a creepy manner. Everyone in the room saw first-hand just how cool – and how accessible – virtual productions can be. 

The event showed parishioners just how quickly Mo-Sys tools like StarTracker and VP Pro Studio can be set up to create stunning results that might fire off some new ideas for engaging congregations with houses of worship, attracting the community’s youth. 

But the real value of the day was to enrich and excite the community. Sue Beidleman, chair of the FAME commission on scholarship, education and training said “It was clear that the audience was very interested in the presentation, and you did not disappoint. I saw that some audience members approached you even before the program began!” 

FAME’s Tsega Habte added “Our audience saw a skilled professional representing a technology platform most had never experienced. I am convinced that some of our lucky boys and girls are going to have such an opportunity for success that they will one day say, ‘If it was not for Mr Eric, where would I be now?’.” 

Education is always a good thing. Tapping into the power and potential of communities that typically have less access to tools and opportunities is valuable and important. By sharing with all communities what is achievable in their own backyard, we help unlock tomorrow’s creative leaders to share their talents with the world. We all win. 

Mo-Sys pushes the boundaries of remote and virtual production at NAB Show 2023 

Mo-Sys had a remarkable presence at NAB Show 2023, showcasing the latest technologies for remote and virtual production.

Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023
Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023

Our team was thrilled to join forces with Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG, delivering a unique interactive virtual production demonstration. Visitors to the booth were able to create their own videos and content with the help of the all-new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR.  

In addition to the virtual production demonstration, we exhibited a range of camera robotics, including the new G30 gyro-stabilized head, L40 two-axis head, B20 two-axis remote head, and e-Crane, which is ideal for close-up AR graphics like analysis tables in sports broadcasts. 

Our products were present on several partner booths including LG where we demonstrated MoRail along with bMR and data driven graphics, AOTO, HP, Magicbox, Sony, and Gloshine. Mo-Sys experts took part in two panel sessions at the HP booth this year, discussing virtual production knowledge and novel virtual production technologies. 

We also announced a collaboration with Tata and Net Insight to demonstrate a next-generation remote production solution which allows production and camera crews to work remotely, reducing cost and improving sustainability. The Mo-Sys U50 robotic head provided precise remote control of cameras and box lenses, allowing camera operators to replicate the feel of moving the camera directly. 

We are pleased to announce that the StarTracker Max is now available for purchase. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Net Insight and Mo-Sys partners to showcase ground breaking remote production at NAB Show 2023

Net Insight and Mo-Sys proudly announce a next generation remote production demo being performed at NAB Show together with one of Net insight’s customers, in Las Vegas on April 16-19. The solution demonstrates the next level in remote production allowing both production and camera crews to work remotely in a fully seamless manner, dramatically reducing cost and improving sustainability for the media industry.

Net insight, a leader in live media transport, and Mo-Sys, a world-renowned manufacturer of virtual production solutions and camera robotics, have partnered to provide a groundbreaking solution for the media industry that enables ultra-low latency and precise synchronization for controlling robotic camera heads in remote production. This innovative service solution empowers broadcasters and media companies to deliver high-quality content experiences to audiences worldwide with greater efficiency and reliability than ever before. The demo is performed with a global media service provider delivering thousands of remote productions annually, showcasing the cost- and sustainability benefits of full remote production workflows for sports events, allowing both production and camera crew to work remotely while maintaining full quality and control.

As a provider of innovative media solutions, Net Insight’s Nimbra product family offers unique features that enable ultra-low latency and frame alignment, critical for applications that require precise timing and synchronization, such as controlling robotic camera heads with Mo-Sys solutions. These capabilities are made possible using advanced networking technologies and real-time monitoring tools that ensure high-quality, reliable, and secure delivery of media content across the global video connect managed media network offered by Net Insight’s customer. The Mo-Sys solution together with the real-time properties of the Nimbra system, enable a camera operator to experience the sensation of directly manipulating and moving the camera and box lens by controlling the Mo-Sys U50 robotic head, remotely over the network.

On the other end, Mo-Sys has integrated a remote pan-bar controller, which provides the operator with complete control over the weight and stiffness. As a result, the operator can replicate the familiar tactile sensation of working with a camera in an arena setting while controlling it from another location in the world.

“Our media delivery ecosystem empowers broadcasters and media companies to deliver engaging and immersive content experiences daily to audiences worldwide,” says Christer Bohm, Vice President Product Management at Net Insight. ”We continuously offer new innovations across the Media & Entertainment vertical with our market-leading product offerings, which are designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

“The Mo-Sys U50 offers precise remote control of cameras and box lenses, allowing camera operators to replicate the feel of moving the camera directly. This maximizes productivity, improves safety and comfort, and enables use with the latest AR and Virtual Production tools for even more creative possibilities. We’re proud to offer this innovative solution for worldwide remote production to our customers,” says Florian Gallier, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Mo-Sys Engineering.