Film Remote Systems

Film remote systems for the film industry.

The film remote systems offered by Mo-Sys can be of great benefit to almost any production. Our camera remote heads and robotic camera heads have been used on a variety of Hollywood productions to great effect and have become the staple equipment of choice for many major studios. Our camera heads are renowned not only for their durability, but also for their portability and fantastic ease of use.

Mo-Sys L40

2 axis remote head with back-pan option, also available with roll-axis
Optimal for precise work with, e.g. an ALEXA and the biggest Optimo lens

Icon Payload 40 kg (88 lbs)

Mo-Sys Lambda 2.0

2/3 axis remote head
Designed for extra heavy camera packages

Icon Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)


Motorized on-car camera lift
Designed for fast vertical movements of heavy camera packages

Icon Payload 70 kg (154 lbs)

Touch screen console

Intuitive set-up with touch screen

Double joystick console

Head and lens control via joysticks

Button console

Intuitive control via button interface


Big inertia brass hand wheels for the most precise camera control

Pan bar

Intuitive camera control with pan bar


Versatile and universal camera control


Feather light touch sensitive camera control