Extend the tracking envelope and go places you didn’t expect with the VisionMax accessory for StarTracker Max.

Button Console

The Button Console features an elegant and simple to use interface, enabling Mo-Sys remote head settings to be adjusted on the fly, such as speed, feathering, smoothing, and soft stops.


A two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360˚ roll axis.


Record and recall precise positions using our standard, easy to use Mo-Sys Shotbox

Mo-Sys StarTracker

StarTracker is an absolute system that always knows where it is that is suitable for both AR and VR. With no technician required, StarTracker could be the perfect tracking technology for your next project

Mo-Sys Bus Cable

The Mo-Sys bus cable with Lemo interface combines power and data in one cable for a tidy solution on set. Simply put the devices in a daisy chain, power up on one end and terminate the other.