Salesforce spin-off creates corporate video with cost-effective Virtual Production

Salesforce spin-off utilises new, rapid and cost-effective Virtual Production workflow for corporate video content.

Morden Wolf is successfully shooting, editing and publishing high-quality corporate content quickly, with small teams and at a fraction of the traditional production costs from its central London office-based studio.

With the economy slowing, this ground-breaking approach is demonstrating how companies can produce more, for less, and that Virtual Production is no-longer the preserve of big budget Hollywood movies.

Salesforce spin-off creates corporate video with cost-effective Virtual Production

Led by company founder and ex-Salesforce Marketing Director Rob Chandler, the team at Morden Wolf is deliberately small. This plays to them being able to work quickly, in an uncomplicated environment which cleverly avoids the traditional pyramid of production costs that is created when using large teams and shooting in multiple locations with lots of service providers.

Instead, a dedicated team of between 3 and 5 handle pre-production planning, virtual environments, lighting and Mo-Sys StarTracker Studio. Recent productions include training videos, comedy shorts and ad content, shot quickly and delivered in multiple formats for all social media platforms.

Stephen Gallagher, Mo-Sys Marketing Director

Mo-Sys Marketing Director, Stephen Gallagher added: “Having left Salesforce frustrated with the longwinded and costly traditional methods of creating corporate video content, Rob has been on a mission to find a better way to create more, do it quickly and cost-effectively. Using Mo-Sys technology he has found the solution and perfected his craft”.

Rob had recognised how virtual production would revolutionise the way content is created. His experience with high tech companies like Microsoft, Epson, and Salesforce where any creative content was always prohibitively expensive and time consuming, with the only alternative seeming to be poorly produced web camera and smartphone content.

He immediately saw the potential of using the highly creative, flexible, and agile virtual production technology to produce any type of corporate content; demos, advertising, social media, announcements and even broadcast events.

Marketing directors now have even a bigger challenge. How do they maintain or even increase content production at a time where budgets are under pressure?

Rob Chandler, CEO & Founder of Morden Wolf

Rob Chandler, CEO and Founder of Morden Wolf said:
“The solution is simple and now highly accessible in cost and knowledge. Virtual Production allows you to shoot in a highly controlled basic studio, while the sets are all virtual. This means businesses can shoot within any style of branded virtual set or studio throughout a day; Demo’s from the office, announcements from reception, social posts from a forest. It’s so simple.”

Mo-Sys will join forces with Morden Wolf to host a corporate open day, where brand owners, advertising agencies and marketing teams can join us to learn more about this innovative VP workflow. Attendees are invited to register interest at

Behind Garden Studios’ LED Virtual Production

Having completed 80+ productions, Garden Studios has perfected the art of efficient LED Virtual Production. Hear more from Mark Pilborough-Skinner below, explaining the benefits of having an incredibly stable tracking solution like StarTracker for rapid set-up, LED ceilings and digital stars.

Efficient LED virtual production with Mo-Sys StarTracker

Read more about Brompton Technology’s digital markers for use with the Mo-Sys StarTracker here.

For any enquires, please contact the Mo-Sys team.

Mo-Sys updates the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head

Mo-Sys Engineering has updated its G30 heavy-duty gyro-stabilized remote head. Designed to provide silent operation and capture beautifully smooth cinematic shots, the G30 offers precision movement with superior image stabilization together with simple tech-less operation in a cost-effective package.

G30 Gyro-stabilized remote head
Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized camera head

Incorporating several customer-led upgrades, the new G30 is a radical rethink of the traditional heavy-duty stabilized remote head. The rigid 45˚  frame geometry supports camera payloads of up to 30kg/66lbs and has been engineered to eliminate the risk of gimbal lock. 

The G30 balancing process has been further improved with the introduction of innovative indexing plungers. These enable the operator to lock off each axis independently during set-up while also aiding safe transportation.

Keeping the operator in mind, multiple 3/8” accessory mounting points have been added while the thoughtful re-design also sees the introduction of engraved measurement markings to all sliding components for rapid deployment and fine adjustment.

An enlarged right side tilt motor through-hole protects cables and reduces congestion, allowing more cables to pass freely through the center and customers can now specify an optional wireless control module, allowing for up to 300m remote control.

The G30 ships with an intuitive digital display console. Taking its design cues from the automotive industry it has a shallow menu structure, clear displays showing the current parameter values, and physical controls for direct, tactile operation. It can be used with pan bars, cine wheels or a broadcast console to give the operator the intuitive response needed for the production.

“The G30 already has a reputation for meeting the real creative needs of cinematographers,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “In developing the next generation of this gyro-stabilized head, we have listened to our users and made something that is even easier to rig, even more intuitive to operate, and even more precise and repeatable in its moves and positioning. We know that cinematographers are always under pressure to get the shot quickly, which is why we give them tools which they understand instinctively.”

For more information on the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head, contact the Mo-Sys team

Mo-Sys Deploys Revolutionary Lighting Solutions for Virtual Production at London’s Olympia

Mo-Sys Engineering joined forces once again with 3LR Lighting and Bendac to showcase the latest in ICVFX final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show 2023. 

LED Virtual Production demonstration at MPTS 2023

Mo-Sys is synonymous with industry leading precision camera tracking for Virtual Production, and showcased the latest version of its StarTracker technology, StarTracker Max. StarTracker Max delivers real advantages over its predecessor, with a smaller and lighter on-camera unit making it much easier to use with Steadicam and handheld cameras. The new platform also provides even greater accuracy, and the software architecture has been designed to allow for new functionality in the future, including a web interface to be introduced shortly.

Completing the seamless blend between real foreground props and the virtual scene, Mo-Sys’ partner 3LR Lighting provided Electronic Theatre Controls lighting with a world-first x8 color LED chip array, including Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Amber, Red, and Deep Red. This innovative lighting solution created a quality of white light never seen before and eliminated color de-saturation when mixing colors.

ETC’s range of Film and TV fixtures offers metameric control and is the only fixture to have installed color integrity control. Additionally, ETC’s luminaires utilize Droop Compensation algorithms to ensure consistent color and output throughout shoots, overcoming the problem of LED’s becoming less efficient as they heat up, which can result in a loss of output and cause potential color matching issues in post-production.

These LED fixtures offer perfect color homogenization to any LED volume and enhance any traditional Film or TV set with a true full spectrum LED light. With an unparalleled warranty of 10 years, ETC’s lighting solutions offer spectral content unlike any other lighting fixture in the Film and TV and photo market today, covering 94% of REC 2020.

For more information about Mo-Sys’ Virtual Production Solutions, please contact

For more information about 3LR Lighting, contact Barry Grubb at

Mo-Sys and NovaStar to demonstrate stunning virtual production at InfoComm  

Mo-Sys Engineering is once again collaborating with leading LED processor specialist NovaStar to bring remarkable virtual production to InfoComm 2023 (booth 915, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, 14 – 16 June). 

LED virtual production demonstration

The demonstration will combine NovaStar LED processing with StarTracker camera tracking and Mo-Sys’ dedicated LED content server solution VP Pro XR. StarTracker is regarded as the gold standard in precision camera tracking for virtual production and providing the bridge between precision tracking and the virtual scene is Mo-Sys VP Pro XR. 
Designed specifically for broadcast and cinematic content creation, VP Pro XR incorporates Cinematic XR Focus which enables the focus puller to rack focus between real world foreground objects and virtual assets placed deep within the scene. XR Focus can also provide a level of protection against one of the biggest challenges in LED final pixel production: the problem of visible moiré patterning when zoomed in close.  
“We are really excited to be working with NovaStar again, showing how virtual production is ready for primetime,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “The demonstration shows just the sort of scene that would provide real challenges for traditional productions: a forest scene, but here using VP we can control the light, the time of day and the weather without taking the crew off-road. Mo-Sys and NovaStar combine to address the real issues for creative professionals, delivering a powerful, practical and complete solution.”