Mo-Sys pushes the boundaries of remote and virtual production at NAB Show 2023 

Mo-Sys had a remarkable presence at NAB Show 2023, showcasing the latest technologies for remote and virtual production.

Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023
Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023

Our team was thrilled to join forces with Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG, delivering a unique interactive virtual production demonstration. Visitors to the booth were able to create their own videos and content with the help of the all-new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR.  

In addition to the virtual production demonstration, we exhibited a range of camera robotics, including the new G30 gyro-stabilized head, L40 two-axis head, B20 two-axis remote head, and e-Crane, which is ideal for close-up AR graphics like analysis tables in sports broadcasts. 

Our products were present on several partner booths including LG where we demonstrated MoRail along with bMR and data driven graphics, AOTO, HP, Magicbox, Sony, and Gloshine. Mo-Sys experts took part in two panel sessions at the HP booth this year, discussing virtual production knowledge and novel virtual production technologies. 

We also announced a collaboration with Tata and Net Insight to demonstrate a next-generation remote production solution which allows production and camera crews to work remotely, reducing cost and improving sustainability. The Mo-Sys U50 robotic head provided precise remote control of cameras and box lenses, allowing camera operators to replicate the feel of moving the camera directly. 

We are pleased to announce that the StarTracker Max is now available for purchase. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Net Insight and Mo-Sys partners to showcase ground breaking remote production at NAB Show 2023

Net Insight and Mo-Sys proudly announce a next generation remote production demo being performed at NAB Show together with one of Net insight’s customers, in Las Vegas on April 16-19. The solution demonstrates the next level in remote production allowing both production and camera crews to work remotely in a fully seamless manner, dramatically reducing cost and improving sustainability for the media industry.

Net insight, a leader in live media transport, and Mo-Sys, a world-renowned manufacturer of virtual production solutions and camera robotics, have partnered to provide a groundbreaking solution for the media industry that enables ultra-low latency and precise synchronization for controlling robotic camera heads in remote production. This innovative service solution empowers broadcasters and media companies to deliver high-quality content experiences to audiences worldwide with greater efficiency and reliability than ever before. The demo is performed with a global media service provider delivering thousands of remote productions annually, showcasing the cost- and sustainability benefits of full remote production workflows for sports events, allowing both production and camera crew to work remotely while maintaining full quality and control.

As a provider of innovative media solutions, Net Insight’s Nimbra product family offers unique features that enable ultra-low latency and frame alignment, critical for applications that require precise timing and synchronization, such as controlling robotic camera heads with Mo-Sys solutions. These capabilities are made possible using advanced networking technologies and real-time monitoring tools that ensure high-quality, reliable, and secure delivery of media content across the global video connect managed media network offered by Net Insight’s customer. The Mo-Sys solution together with the real-time properties of the Nimbra system, enable a camera operator to experience the sensation of directly manipulating and moving the camera and box lens by controlling the Mo-Sys U50 robotic head, remotely over the network.

On the other end, Mo-Sys has integrated a remote pan-bar controller, which provides the operator with complete control over the weight and stiffness. As a result, the operator can replicate the familiar tactile sensation of working with a camera in an arena setting while controlling it from another location in the world.

“Our media delivery ecosystem empowers broadcasters and media companies to deliver engaging and immersive content experiences daily to audiences worldwide,” says Christer Bohm, Vice President Product Management at Net Insight. ”We continuously offer new innovations across the Media & Entertainment vertical with our market-leading product offerings, which are designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

“The Mo-Sys U50 offers precise remote control of cameras and box lenses, allowing camera operators to replicate the feel of moving the camera directly. This maximizes productivity, improves safety and comfort, and enables use with the latest AR and Virtual Production tools for even more creative possibilities. We’re proud to offer this innovative solution for worldwide remote production to our customers,” says Florian Gallier, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Mo-Sys Engineering.

Mo-Sys showcases a new world of
remote and virtual production at NAB

Mo-Sys Engineering will unveil new technologies alongside an interactive, audience-led virtual production demonstration at NAB 2023. Mo-Sys will once again have a significant presence throughout the event from its own booth (C3325) and several strategic partners.

Mo-Sys virtual production solutions at NAB Show 2023

Visitors to the Mo-Sys booth will have the chance to take part in a revolutionary, audience-led, interactive virtual production demonstration. Designed by Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG, this puts the visitor into the middle of their own unique, epic, shareable moment. Hyper regularly reaches audiences over a million for its livestream projects, and has seen 16 billion Giphy views created by its fans. Using the all-new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system in conjunction with Mo-Sys VP Pro XR, a purpose built LED content server solution, NAB visitors will be part of the action.

Alongside virtual production, Mo-Sys will feature its camera robotics. The heavy-duty G30 is the next generation in gyro-stabilized heads, and it will be shown alongside the two-axis L40, providing precise, robust and lightweight support for high-end cinematography cameras. The B20 two-axis remote head brings precision to the remote control of ENG and broadcast cameras, and the e-Crane is designed specifically for virtual studios, providing best-in-market accuracy, making it ideal for close up AR graphics like analysis tables in sports broadcasts. Extending the remote operation to a global scale, Mo-Sys TimeCam offers zero delay control from anywhere, and will be shown with the RED V-Raptor 8K at NAB.

As well as its own large booth, Mo-Sys can be seen in action across NAB. Mo-Sys will once again collaborate with LG (C6025), where it will host the virtual beer garden in the XR Zone. Here the team will showcase a complete end-to-end broadcast workflow, bMR. bMR features multi-camera switching, set extensions, data fed graphics and simple to use custom interfaces, making it ideal for sports, news and current affairs programmes.

Mo-Sys will also be showing MoRail on the LG booth. This is a powerful yet cost-effective approach to adding creative PTZ movement in traditional news rooms, or when combined with StarTracker PTZ adding parallax with tracked graphics within a virtual studio.

Mo-Sys products will also be in use on a number of other booths and presentations at NAB 2023. AOTO (C7435) will have StarTracker and VP Pro XR powering virtual production with a curved LED wall and floor and set extensions. HP (N2826) will also have a full VP workflow using Mo-Sys StarTracker. Experts from Mo-Sys will also take part in two panel sessions on the HP booth: Closing the Virtual Production Knowledge Gap and Novel Virtual Production Technologies.

In the Creative Inspiration Zone, Magicbox (C8045) will show the world’s first semi-trailer mobile virtual production studio, built around VP Pro and StarTracker. Sony (C8101) will be discussing practical workflow considerations for LED production, using two StarTracker systems for precision camera movements.

To demonstrate its latest LED panels for virtual production, Gloshine (C7508) will use StarTracker and the dedicated LED content server VP Pro XR. And Tata (W2429) is including the ability to control a camera over global distances using the Mo-Sys U50 head.

“Virtual and augmented production is now an everyday reality, and the key issues are how to support complete creative freedom, how to implement the technology without impact on production schedules, and how to deliver the benefits cost-effectively and sustainably,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “That is why we have focused on working with partners around NAB, to show the real variety of options and opportunities, and how – whether you are looking at remote production or final pixel studios – Mo-Sys has the right products and solutions.”

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