TVBEurope’s 2021 Watch List

Great to see Mo-Sys CEO, Michael Geissler, and our StarTracker camera tracking system featuring on the impressive TVBEurope 2021 watch list!

Mo-Sys is a vastly impressive company, whose StarTracker in-studio optical camera tracking systems for AR and VR we’ve been covering for some time. As studio technology continues to evolved, it’s hard to see how Geissler’s technical nous won’t sit front and centre of that drive forward.

TVBEurope Watch List 2021

Read the full list in their February 2021 magazine issue here >

disguise endorses StarTracker for xR

Mo-Sys Engineering announced today that its partner disguise has a number of customers and partners adopting StarTracker technology for xR and virtual Production. disguise customers have been adopting StarTracker systems with disguise xR technology, and disguise has seen strong demand in the fast-growing APAC market for the combined solution.

StarTracker is Mo-Sys’s precision 6-axis camera and lens tracking system, designed for use with xR stages, LED volumes, and green/blue screens, for broadcast or for film VFX production. Along with real-time photo-realistic graphics, and real-time compositing, these three technologies have enabled the current explosion in virtual production for both VFX-heavy feature films, television series, and sports production.

“We are delighted that not only has disguise selected StarTracker for demo usage in its local offices,” said Mike Grieve, Commercial Director of Mo-Sys, “but also that their customers are adopting StarTracker technology for xR shows, events, and virtual production.”

Virtual production, according to multiple industry reports, is set to grow substantially throughout 2021. Key cost savings over traditional production workflows include savings on locations, as these can be scanned using photogrammetry techniques and re-created as highly detailed real-time 3D environments. In addition, by capturing VFX shots in camera, post-production compositing is either reduced or removed entirely.

Tom Rockhill, Chief Commercial Officer of disguise, commented, “It’s important to us that disguise offers customers flexibility as they embark on a journey with our xR technology. Mo-Sys StarTracker is a great choice for customers looking to get into xR or virtual production. It’s a robust and well liked solution and many of our clients have made an investment in StarTracker to support their stage and LED volume builds.”

Discover the disguise xR solution here:

Virtual Production Demo at Resolution Studios

Resolution Studios in Chigago recently hosted a Virtual Production Demo with Scott Miller of Miller Creative and Mark James DP, sponsored by Mo-Sys Engineering.

This demo showcases the extraordinary team that Resolution Studios has put together to create a world-class workflow for virtual production using LED walls, Unreal Engine and, of course, the Mo-Sys StarTracker.

Watch the camera tracking excerpt here to see why Resolution Productions Group CTO Todd Freese describes the Mo-Sys StarTracker as the “holy grail of camera tracking” and “the missing link as we were building our virtual production pipeline.

The full demo can be seen here:

Mo-Sys and stYpe Resolution Statement

14th January 2021: Mo-Sys™, a leader in virtual and remote production solutions, and stYpe ( a leader in virtual and camera tracking solutions, today announced that, after a costly two-year legal litigation concerning Mo-Sys’ StarTracker patent relating to camera tracking technology and stYpe’s patent application relating to RedSpy tracking technology, the matter has been resolved with a court-approved financial and cross-licensing settlement on terms acceptable to both parties. Both companies will be able to exploit key elements of each other’s Intellectual Property going forwards.

Both companies’ Intellectual Property rights remain fully in force in various territories in Europe, and there are equivalent patents or applications in the USA, India and Hong Kong. 

Camera tracking is a key component for all types of virtual production, including virtual studios, augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR). StarTracker is Mo-Sys’ 6-axis optical camera tracking technology, and RedSpy is stYpe’s 6-axis camera tracking technology. Both products use similar retro-reflective markers to calculate 6-axis camera movements.

The settlement contains provisions that both companies will periodically evaluate whether to pursue other companies that they consider are in breach of their camera tracking patents and respond to any infringement attempts by third parties with vigorous legal action.

The dispute between MoSys and stYpe is now resolved and each party will continue to sell their respective tracking systems as normal.