Mo-Sys G50

3 axis gyro stabilized remote head
Unrivalled performance at an affordable price

Icon Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)

The G50 is less complex than most of other stabilised heads on the market. The 3 axis gyro stabilised remote head can be used during the whole production while offering all the benefits of its competitors for less money. Due to its fast setup and easy operation, the G50 can run through the whole filming process effortlessly, supporting straightforward tripod or dolly work, as well as complex crane shots that require stabilisation. 

Gyro stabilisation for telescopic cranes
The gyro stabilisation was specially tailored for telescopic crane work and features back pan, as well as auto horizon. It has zero drift and, consequently, does not need to be repeatedly readjusted during the shoot. The head comes with a set of dampers and isolators that mount to the head for an optimal mechanical stabilisation. The detachable Moy-mount camera support allows a direct interface to these head add-ons.
Strong motors
One of its greatest benefits is its strong motors. The digital gear drives are stiff and cause zero backlash, giving the operator immediate precise control required for crane shots. Even more complex tasks, where other heads with less rigid motors often fail, such as close ups or nimble camera movements, can be achieved with the responsive G50. Its active gyro stabilisation makes it a leader in its field and beats the passive stabilisation found in brushless stabilised camera gimbals. The strength also makes it ideal for heavier camera packages like IMAX cameras, 3D rigs or cameras with ultra zoom lenses. With a 50 kg payload it is one of the sturdiest heads on the market - combining power and nimble operations.
No gimbal lock
The distinctive cradle design means the camera can be pointed down and the head rolled 45 degrees in both directions. While other heads may go into the so-called gimbal lock and need an expensive hardware upgrade to rectify the difficulty, the G50 performs without any problems.
Intuitive control
Like all Mo-Sys heads, the G50 can be controlled through our unique software interface and operated with our proven zero-lag input devices, such as pan bar, hand wheels or joysticks. The G50 has a full virtual interface. In combination with GenieLite, that runs on a laptop or tablet, accurate pan, tilt and roll data can be recorded for reference in post production workflow. It works seamlessly with other Mo-Sys tracking devices, such as lens encoding, crane encoding kits or laser range finder for crane extent.
Practical design
Mo-Sys' emphasis on practicality is present throughout the design of the G50 head. The hollow shafts puts an end to the need for slip rings, and simply feeding the cables through the holes means a reduction, both in cost and the sources of potential failures. The camera plate comes in two versions: a basic quick-snap plate and a longer, more advanced sliding plate for improved balancing procedure. In addition, through the use of a single lever, the head can be readily disengaged if balancing is required.
VFX interface
The G50 can also output encoder data using Mo-Sys MotionLogger. This data can then be used with 3D modelling software like Autodesk Maya for instance.
Radio control
An optional build-in radio control which allows the head to be operated over a radio from a distance of up to half a mile.


We’ve had the head bouncing around over rocks, through mud, and in the air during storms, and it never let us down. But my favourite thing about the head is the service and support I receive from Mo-Sys. Adding the Mo-Sys G50 to my company’s inventory has been a great investment.
Max Fisher
Geared Camera, Richmond NY

Technical Specifications

Weight 24 kg (52 lbs)
Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)
Pan/Tilt speed 180°/sec
Roll +/- 45°