We'll be at IBC 2018

At this year’s highly anticipated IBC at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, we will be revealing a near-time automated V-Ray render pipeline, made possible by our new StarTrackerVFX. This means Mixed Reality filming just got even simpler and better with Hollywood-grade VFX now within the reach of lower budget projects and smaller production companies.

We have extended our Unreal Engine green screen real-time workflow, adding an automated parallel ray-tracing and keying process that will dramatically reduce the post-production workload and bring down the cost of high-end VFX for industry professionals.

In addition, we have teamed up with the worldwide computer graphic technology leaders Chaos Group, to integrate automated V-Ray ray tracing into StarTrackerVFX, which will provide superior rendering over and above what is achievable in real time. This collaboration streamlines a usually complex process, allowing high-end VFX to become available to green screen productions like telenovelas, commercials, corporate videos, image films, architectural visualisations and micro-budget feature films.

StartrackerVFX from Mo-Sys Channel on Vimeo.


Mo-Sys StarTrackerVFX now provides:

  • Real-time camera tracking
  • Tracking multiple objects including lights, motion-capture suits and a director’s viewfinder
  • Unreal Engine plugin with previz keyer, garbage mattes, lens distortion and FBX data recording for post
  • Automated re-render and re-key using V-Ray ray tracing.

Simeon Balabanov, Product Manager, V-Ray for Unreal said “Mo-Sys and Chaos Group share the same passion for creating technology that helps artists and designers visualize their ideas in the best way possible. That is why we are very excited to be able to bring V-Ray’s photoreal imagery and animation to StarTrackerVFX and into the hands of studios and productions of all sizes.


“With StarTrackerVXF and V-Ray for Unreal you can render ray traced, photorealistic images with V-Ray directly from Unreal and get the best of both worlds - real-time and ray tracing”, he added.

This technology pulls the creative processes and decisions back into the studio rather than later during expensive post-production. Green screen filming is easy with a locked off camera, but to elevate the realism, it is vital to move the camera. Then the position, orientation and lens distortion of the real camera need to be matched precisely with the virtual.

Complexity, specialist knowledge and cost prevent modest budget productions from using mixed reality techniques. With each component we add to our pipeline we simplify the process, with the aim of democratising virtual production.

IBC 2018 will be held on 13th – 18th September 2018.

Mo-Sys’ StarTracker technology will be demonstrated at 7 different booths at IBC 2018 including Mo-Sys (8.F10), Zero Density (7.A60), Grass Valley (9.A01), White Light Ltd (8.F40), Brainstorm (7.C19), Aximmetry (3.A14), and RT Software (6.C16). Please see map of partners exhibiting StarTracker below.