StarTrackerVFX at Siggraph 2018


With SIGGRAPH 2018 just around the corner, we're making our final preparations before we exhibit our complete VFX virtual production toolset, StarTrackerVFX. You can find us at StudioXperience; a state-of-the-art broadcast studio and technology space powered by HP and NVIDIA.  Here, we'll demonstrate how StarTrackerVFX removes the complexities, time and budget constraints of virtual production.

The demonstration will consist of a real-time composite of interviews filmed on a green screen and rendered by the Unreal Engine, which reduces the need for costly fixes in post. The green screen footage and camera tracking data captured will then feed into The Foundry’s NUKE compositing suite, where VFX will be added in just twenty minutes – completing the full-VFX workflow on the fly. 


StarTrackerVFX - a complete tool set for Virtual Production

The StudioXperience area will also feature their industry proven StarTrackerTV powered by Zero Density, which provides real-time rendering and currently used in over 100 studios worldwide such as BBC, SKY, ESPN, FOX, CNN, TURNER, NHK, ZDF, NEP.


StudioXperience: a state-of the art remote broadcast studio and technology spaceWaskul Entertainment's StudioXperience

What is StarTrackerVFX?

StarTracker is an upward facing sensor that attaches to the main camera. It points at the ceiling, rather than looking forward and uses retro-reflective stickers as a reference. A one-time 30-minute procedure auto-maps their position and references them to the real world, after which no further star calibration or ‘homing’ is required.

StarTrackerVFX simplifies an otherwise complex process of aligning the camera within the virtualised environment, which frees up users to focus on creativity as the tracking becomes an automated background task. It’s direct plug-in for the Unreal Engine enables users to film real people within photo-realistic environments. The camera tracking data records to timecode the FBX export for post-production and re-rendering.

Mo-Sys founder and owner Michael Geissler commented: “StarTrackerVFX lets creatives tell the best version of their story. The end-to-end streamlined solution takes the technical worry away from using virtual locations with no compromise on quality.”

“It gives projects of all sizes instant access to locations around the world, with a simple check of, switch on, lights, camera, action,” he added.

StarTrackerVFX will be demonstrated in partnership with Waskul Entertainment from August 12th to 16th at SIGGRAPH 2018. The Waskul Entertainment’s StudioXperience broadcast studio and technology space is sponsored by HP and NVIDIA.


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