Mo-Sys exhibits at NAB 2017 from 22-27th April

Mo-Sys is heading to Vegas for this year’s NAB show. Besides our own booth we will have a handful of partner booths where you can find our products.


Highlights on Mo-Sys stand, Central Hall C9148, include:

StarTracker: The studio camera tracking system uses a single optical sensor per camera, and retro-reflective stickers – or ‘stars’ – on the studio ceiling, making it an inexpensive and robust system already used by the likes of ESPN and the BBC.

L40 remote head: Our precise, robust and light weight 2-axis head for high-end digital cinematography is ideal for medium sized camera packages, for example ARRI Alexa with a large zoom lens, such as Optimo 12:1 or Panavision 12:1.  At the core of the L40 is our highly robust and precise motor drive with zero backlash, providing lag-free operation. A faster version of the head is available for Outdoor Broadcast.

V70 encoding kit: Simple mount-on solutions for the V70 broadcast head. Our software compensates for the pantographic shift, inherent in the design of the Vinten 70 series. Our high-resolution absolute encoders can be retrofitted.

Jimmy Jib encoding kit: Bolt-on encoding kit for the industry standard broadcast jib. Requested by customers, we came up with a solution to encode Jimmy Jib cranes, jib arm and head, using our high-resolution absolute encoders. There is no need to change the motors, as the encoders are mounted directly which, in turn, results in no gearing and, therefore, zero backlash.


StarTracker, our optical camera tracking system can also be found on the following stands:

Ultimatte (Blackmagic)        SL216

Chyron Hego                       SL1210

Brainstorm                           SL4616

Ross Video                          N3706

WASP3D                             SL9016

Ultimatte, since last year part of Blackmagic Design, will also show our Jimmy Jib/B20 upgrade, an interface for our high-precision B20 remote head, that is known for its immediate response with zero backlash.

Zero Density (SL2920) will show there Reality virtual set software using one of our e-Sensor tracking heads.

We thank our partners for their cooperation and hopefully see you in Vegas.

Central Hall

South Lower Hall