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Chameleon, a previsualization tool for green screen filming


Provides real-time previsualization of computer generated models chroma keyed with live action footage. 


All camera motion data is recorded along with metadata needed for digital post production rendering and editing.


Simple and intuitive user interface.












Watch the making of Immortals here



Referenced from official production notes


During filming, the director used another high-tech system, called Chameleon, which gave him even more control of the shoot. “Chameleon is one of several systems that enable you to pre-visualize, so you can see beforehand what it will look like within the CG extension or a CG world,” Galvin explains. “Tarsem could see a person’s head come over a mountain that doesn’t exist. We used it in the monastery shoot, looking down from the monastery onto the encampment with the Heraklions, so you can see where all the stuff that’s not actually there will be.” Singh says the Mo-Sys Chameleon System, along with his attention to detail in pre-production, allowed him to create shots that are perfectly composed. “I was able to construct a tableau,” he explains. “If some films are like comic strips, this is a painting strip. The system sees past the green screen, so I could control the composition.”



Title:  Immortals Trailer

Client:   Relativity Media

Director:  Tarsem Singh

DoP:  Brendan Galvin

Chameleon Owner:  Allan Luckow


Ravensbourne - Behind the scenes


Lecturers and students from Ravensbourne College reflect and comment on a five-week collaboration with Mo-sys. The Chameleon system became an indispensable tool that enabled students to complete a thirty second Olympic promotional video within a tight time frame, allowing easier visualization of a live performance within a virtual space. Although Chameleon is a VFX technology, it allowed students from a range of disciplines to get involved, from the director and vfx supervisor to post production and lighting.



Title:  Mind Games - Behind the Scenes

Client:  Ravensbourne

Course:  MA Stereoscopic & MA Broadcast Futures

Course Tutor:  James Uren

Chameleon Operator:  Markus Wuttke



Chameleon Specification



  • Tailored specifically for facilitating filmmaking workflow on green screen shoots
  • Makes filming with visual effects more efficient and less time consuming
  • Virtual scenes can be imported from most 3D softwares - Maya, 3DS and XSI
  • Records accurate camera tracking data from Mo-Sys sensor heads and lens/dolly/crane encoding kits for full post integration
  • Records camera motion data at true camera frame-rate
  • Easy to set-up
  • Places no restrictions on physical lighting

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